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      San Diego, CA (PRWEB) September 18, 2012

      Poor pool chemistry can lead to green pools which is a potential breading ground for west nile virus which means it’s essential to test and keep proper water chemistry in swimming pools. Factors that play a role are calcium hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), phosphates, cyanuric acid (CYA), pH and chlorine. When any of these are not in balance it causes problems with water clarity. Specifically when calcium hardness increases in swimming pools it can cause all sorts of issues not only with balancing problems but visual issues as well. In the southern U.S. high calcium comes from fill water and as pool water evaporates the hardness minerals stay behind. When calcium increases it causes staining on the tile as well as the liner and issues with scaling of equipment and plumbing. Not to mention calcium acts like a sponge and sucks up chlorine, not allowing it to function correctly. When this happens pool owners can spend hundreds of dollars on chlorine just to keep their pool clear and algae free.

      CYA is a stabilizer that can be added to pools and can also be found in chlorine tablets. If kept at the proper levels it allows chlorine to work efficiently and not dissipate but if CYA gets too high it can actually bind up chlorine, not allow it to work efficiently, thus allowing for algae growth. Phosphates are extremely common in swimming pools but very few people know about them. They get into your pool from vegetation and actually act as food for algae. Phosphates confuse most pool owners because you can show a high amount of chlorine in your pool and still get algae growth.

      Chemistry in swimming pools is extremely important and when certain ones get too high i.e. TDS, calcium and CYA it can cause pool stores and pool cleaning specialists to recommend draining and refilling your swimming pool with fresh water. Seems simple, but it can take days to do this, some cities require purchasing a permit, it can be pricy when buying a pump or having a service do this for you and it’s a serious waste of water.

      Instead pool owners can have their pool water recycled which saves about 85% of the water in the pool and leaves the owner with a much better end product than fill water. Essentially reverse osmosis has been around for thousands of years providing drinking water. It can lower TDS, salt, phosphates, calcium hardness and CYA leaving the water pure and mineral free. Pool Services Technologies in San Diego has designed a mobile filtration system that uses a large industrial reverse osmosis unit to help pool owners with this problem. They have conserved 6.5 million gallons of water in the last two years and have their eyes set on mass production of these trailers across the globe to help not only save water but provide swimming pool owners with hope.

      Pool Services Technologies, Inc., founded in 2008 and headquartered in Escondido, California, provides an alternative to draining and refilling swimming pools-a necessary part of pool ownership. Recovering nearly 85% of the existing water in a swimming pool, this service realizes huge water conservation results. Additionally, the company strives to enable swimming pool owners with the knowledge needed to always provide a safe, healthy swim environment for their loved ones and guests by offering free water analysis and explanation of how to maintain their water. Discounted water test kits and water chemistry tools are explained and offered, should the pool owner wish to take it to the next level. The company preaches water conservation, and prudent water chemistry levels, providing the best quality water and swim experience for all swimming pools, residential and commercial