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      San Diego, CA (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

      HeatsavrTM will cover a swimming pool with a transparent and undetectable liquid layer that helps to slow the rate of evaporation. Since approximately 70% of a pool’s heat loss is directly due to evaporation, this liquid cover will reduce heat loss by about 50%. If a pool is heated, this will decrease energy consumption because the heater will not have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature. By slowing evaporation, a pool will also conserve between 30 – 50% of its water loss.

      Flexible Solutions’ liquid pool covers are unique in that they have been tested and proven for their efficiency and safety over the past 20 years. No other liquid solar cover manufacturer will be able to offer such a wide range of test results, customer reviews and testimonials, or experience. Their liquid pool cover is also available in a variety of application methods, including a once-a-month EcosavrTM fish, a weekly manual dosing, or a daily automatic injection system (recommended for best results).

      Pool Services Technologies features this product on its eCommerce site because it makes sense. Bruce Wettstein, owner says, “we’re constantly searching for other eco-friendly businesses to partner up with. Since our business is centered around water conservation, this partnership makes complete sense.”

      Pool Services Technologies., founded in 2008 and headquartered in Escondido, California, provides an alternative to draining and refilling swimming pools-a necessary part of pool ownership. Recovering nearly 85% of the existing water in a swimming pool, this service realizes huge water conservation results. Additionally, the company strives to enable swimming pool owners with the knowledge needed to always provide a safe, healthy swim environment for their loved ones and guests by offering free water analysis and explanation of how to maintain their water. Discounted water test kits and water chemistry tools are explained and offered, should the pool owner wish to take it to the next level. The company preaches water conservation, and prudent water chemistry levels, providing the best quality water and swim experience for all swimming pools, residential and commercial