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      Escondido, CA (PRWEB) April 17, 2012

      Pure Water Industries, Inc., a San Diego based company providing swimming pool water purification via mobile Reverse Osmosis trailer system, released the updated number of gallons conserved via their Puripool Process today.

      “We are very proud to announce that with the completion of today’s pool, we have now processed more than 5,500,000 gallons of water through our trailer” said Bruce Wettstein, Pure Water Industries President, “This amount represents actual water conservation in excess of 4,500,000 gallons and accounts for water that would normally have been pumped down the drain had these customers decided to do a drain and refill. This figure does not however, take into account the refilling of all the pools and the subsequent purchase of an additional 5,500,000 gallons of water. “By deciding to purify their pool water, these pool owners have conserved over nine million gallons of water! As our typically dry winter left us in short supply of water, we must all do our part to conserve as we head into summer”.

      Pure Water Industries specializes in the recycling and purification of the water already in your swimming pool. This is not only good practice for general pool health, but also for water conservation. Southern California’s superior weather allows for swimming pool usage nearly all year long. “Many So-Cal residents consider their pools a necessity rather than an extravagance. Our pools offer a respite from the heat; a vital form of exercise; and hours of entertainment for young and old alike. So many memories are created around a swimming pool,” said Bruce Wettstein, President of Pure Water Industries. It is important to maintain your pool at healthy levels while also considering our most precious resource – water.

      Pure Water Industries., founded in 2009 and headquartered in Escondido, California, provides an alternative to draining and refilling swimming pools – a necessary part of pool ownership. Utilizing a 40,000 gallon per day mobile Reverse Osmosis trailer and recovering nearly 85% of the existing swimming pool water, this service realizes huge water conservation results and provides superior water quality; surpassing what can be obtained from the tap. In addition to saving so much of the existing water in the swimming pool, the need for elevated pool chemicals diminishes as the chemicals can now do their job in cleaner, purer water.

      Additionally, the company strives to provide swimming pool owners with the knowledge needed to maintain their pools at healthy, safe levels. Discounted water test kits and water chemistry tools are explained and offered, should the pool owner wish to take it to the next level. The company preaches water conservation, and prudent water chemistry levels, providing the best quality water and swim experience for all swimming pools – residential and commercial.