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      Back in 2009 we opened our doors and primarily only offered a service for recycling swimming pool water. Over the past four years we have conserved more than 8 million gallons of water in the San Diego area. This has put us on the map not only as swimming pool experts but a leader in water conservation ideas. Sustainability is something we believe in and because of that we want to offer products on our eCommerce site that fit this mold too.

      As a recycler of swimming pool water, we are always looking for other ways to be “green” in the backyard. With that said, we started an eCommerce site several years ago and primarily sell products that fit this mold as well as other popular products in the swimming pool industry. Depending on where in the country you live having a pool heater is extremely popular to maximize the amount of time you can swim in your pool. One way to make it more eco-friendly is to install a FAFCO Solar Pool Heater. It can keep your pool heated year round and save you money on your electric bill compared to a standard pool heater. The bottom line is solar energy is free, clean and a perfect way to heat your pool water.

      However, sometimes the panels will leak and the repair kit can fix them in a few simple steps. The FAFCO Solar Repair Kit is essential to have. Our price is extremely competitive and since the leaks can be repaired with four simple steps it’s a kit you want to have in case a leak should happen to prevent any downtime with your swimming pool.