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      The Solar-Breeze is a whole new concept in pool cleaning that is helping pool owners save time, energy and money. The bottom line is we have passion for sustainability and will look for any other swimming pool products that fit this bill that’s why we believe the Solar Breeze is a wise investment to not only keep your pool clean but evenly distributing chlorine as it cleans.

      The Solar Breeze is a revolutionary invention that uses sunlight instead of electricity to effortlessly remove dirt, debris, pollens and even suntan oils from the pool’s surface, Solar-Breeze is the only product on the market that uses solar power to clean swimming pools. During the day, Solar-Breeze uses the sun’s power to run the motors that drive the cleaner across the water while surplus power is used to charge its batteries, enabling it to continue operating long after the sun sets. Advanced PC software controls the unit’s overall functions of cleaning, distributing chlorine and backing away from obstacles, making Solar-Breeze the only intelligent pool skimmer on the market. Solar-Breeze reduces energy bills by up to two-thirds and chemical usage by one-third.

      The Solar-Breeze is an innovative product that represents a new paradigm in pool maintenance.  Old-school pool cleaning involves waiting for the debris to decay and sink to the bottom, then removing it by vacuuming the bottom and sides of the pool.  All those bottom cleaning devices consume electricity, either directly with a cord, or indirectly being powered by the pool pump.  In fact, a sun-belt swimming pool that is open all year has the same carbon footprint as an SUV.

      Since most of the debris you remove from the bottom of the pool floats on the surface for a couple of hours before it sinks, the Solar-Breeze does its job on the surface.  It motors around your pool removing debris from the surface before it has a chance to sink and decompose.  It does all this on Solar-Power and a rechargeable battery.  There are no hoses or cords.  It is fully autonomous – and smart.  When it becomes stuck on an obstruction, it backs up and turns gently before continuing.

      Removing the debris before it sinks and decomposes allows the pool owner to run their pool pump as little as one-third the time they would have before putting a Solar-Breeze in the pool.  This represents a tremendous savings on electricity.  However, despite the real monetary savings and the significant reduction in their home’s carbon footprint, most Solar-Breeze owners love their robot simply because it keeps their pool sparkling clean.

      All the person has to do is empty the debris tray and refill the chlorine dispenser periodically.  A 50 micron screen in the debris tray removes even the finest particles of dust and pet hair better than any other system currently on the market.  It’s easy.  It’s green.  It’s solar and it completely eliminates hand-skimming.

      The design team at Solar Pool Technologies has made several enhancements to the 2013 model.  New “Hunt-for-Sun” firmware works hand in hand with new motors which consume 40% less power.  These two improvements combine to make the Solar-Breeze operate significantly longer hours.


      –        Runs on solar energy while the sun is out and for up to 8 hours after dark using power stored in a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

      –        Programmed to reverse and turn when it encounters an obstruction,

      –        Reverses and changes direction periodically to cover the entire surface of the pool at least once every two hours,

      –        Captures 90-95% of the debris while it still floats,

      –        Removes pet hair, dust, pollen and even suntan lotion to make the pool sparkle,

      –        Chlorine dispenser accommodates two 3-inch chlorine tablets to actively distribute chlorine and effectively sanitize your pool,

      –        Debris chamber holds twice as much debris as the in-wall skimmer basket,

      –        “Hunt-for-Sun” technology allows the robot to find sun and recharge even in a partially shaded pool

      –        Blue LED navigation lights flash gently at night to let you know where the Solar-Breeze is working,

      –        Equally effective in all types and shapes of pools bigger than a hot tub,

      –        Entirely eliminates hand-skimming.

      We believe in Solar-Breeze and use it in our own pools which is why it’s a product we sell on our eCommerce site.