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      You’ve had your pool for how long now? A few months, maybe a few years? If you have yet to perfect your swimming ability, this article is for you. We will be looking at different ways to improve you swimming ability so you can swim laps around your spouse, children, or parents!


      The first step is to completely submerge yourself in the pool. Good, you’ve probably already gotten that far! Okay, now start getting used to the water if you haven’t already. The best way to get started swimming is to just “do it.” Start with a few laps a day, and each day you continue to do more it will come easier and easier as your muscles get built up.

       Once you have done the laps and have the endurance to stay in the pool, now is the time to start training a technique. Like dogs, people who are just starting out tend to have no idea the best way to swim. My advice is to work on the freestyle stroke, first.

      The freestyle stroke is the most common stroke, and can also be the easiest to learn. As a pool owner, you are at an advantage because you can experiment with different strokes and not look foolish in front of the crowd at the public pool. Use this advantage to make yourself a better swimmer.

      Some tips to keep in mind for the freestyle stroke:

      • Extend your arms to the maximum length
      • Keep a slight distance between your legs. Not too much, and not too little
      • When pulling your arm back toward your body, head toward your bellybutton at first, then spiral it out to cut the water
      • Alternate arms and move as much water as possible

      The more you practice this stroke, the better at it you will get. If you feel some soreness from working these new muscles, your best bet is to jump into your own HydroWorx thermal plunge pool. They are known to alleviate most of the soreness.

      Another way to improve your swimming ability is to eat right and exercise outside of the pool. Both of these will get you in better health and in turn improve your overall swimming potential. Swimming will improve your cardiovascular health just by pushing yourself, but if you are looking to work muscles that swimming does not specify, you will want to do some outside exercising.

      Whether you are training in your pool for a local triathlon, or if you just want to make yourself a better swimmer, these tips will get you on the right track, and they can even make you look better at the next pool party you throw!

      Adrienne is a freelance writer and swimmer who is just as at home in the water as she is on land. You can read more of her work by following her on Twitter as @adrienneerin.