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      About five years ago we felt the need to develop a revolutionary mobile filtration system for the swimming pool industry. Living in the Southwest U.S. where water conservation is in the news frequently and living in an area where it’s recommended to drain your swimming pool every two years due to high hardness levels…. we felt the need was there. The key for us was to put together a system that works and made financial sense.

      For many years draining a swimming pool when calcium levels rose above 600ppm was customary but in an area with an average size pool of 20,000 gallons, it meant millions of gallons wasted on a regular basis. So, we put our heads together and came up with a way to recycle the water so the swimming pool wouldn’t have to be drained. The trailer that was designed runs on its own power, it’s quieter than a pool motor and can rid a pool of calcium, TDS, phosphates, CYA and other nuances in an average of 12-16 hours depending on the size of the pool. Some of the benefits of our “PuriPool” process are:

      • Faster than a drain and refill
      • Leaves the customer with water better than tap
      • No more worries about cracking the foundation or floating a pool because the water level never changes
      • An increased lifespan of the pool, pumps, motors and other equipment
      • Decreased chances of staining the tile and surface of the pool (if the process is performed every two years)
      • Better for the environment
      • Fewer chemicals are needed to sanitize the water when the process is done

      The process is pretty simple as there is a pump attached to the suction line that takes the swimming pool water into the trailer where three sets of reverse osmosis membranes remove the calcium and other hardness minerals. After the water is filtered another hose returns it to the swimming pool, which is drinkable water. There are other parts of this process that makes it unique to what we do and relatively simple to operate.  If you’re interested in seeing how the process is done, you can watch this short informative video.

      After a couple years of research and development, we’ve perfected this process and have a 100% customer satisfaction base. The process is a little more expensive than a typical drain and refill but the benefits and simplicity make it the only wise decision. Now that the process has been perfected we’ve come up with a dealership model making these mobile filtration trailers available to swimming pool companies all over the world. It’s the perfect adjunct to a current swimming pool business with a customer base. It provides an additional revenue stream and as stated before relatively easy to operate after training is complete. Depending on the region you live in these trailers are customized to meet your needs. They can be purchased outright or we do have equipment financing as well. We handle the building of the trailer along with the training. Once you take ownership of the trailer it’s your business to run and additional training can be purchased if need be.

      Again, these trailers are perfect for an existing business that is looking for an additional revenue stream, wanting to be more eco-conscious and provide their customers with a much better end result. Contact us if you’re interested in learning how you can get started today.