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      Who says that electricity and water don’t mix? In the traditional sense, that statement may be true. However, it’s not likely that you’ll lug the flat screen out to the pool to play a few games on your Xbox while the kids are swimming laps around you. Thanks to innovation, some of the allure of electronics can be added to the fun of a pool without electrocuting yourself. These are in the form of solar-powered additions. What kinds of goodies can you add to your pool?

      1. Floating Fountain – If you want to add more life to your pool, why not do it with a solar-powered floating fountain? These devices sit on top of the water and shoot jets of water up while looking like lily pads or lotus flowers. As they are powered by the sun and are waterproof, you can add a bit of fun to the atmosphere. The effects of the pump are entirely designed by the manufacturer and the cost can range from a small fountain at less than $20 up to more elaborate systems ranging in the hundreds.

      2. Lamps – You can buy solar charging lamps that can reserve their power for night-time use to help enhance the pool while making it safer and visible. The battery life can be anywhere from a couple of hours to last throughout the night depending on the size of the battery. Usually, these cost more depending on the capacity of the battery and the development of the unit. However, many of these can be bought on eBay for relatively cheap in comparison to built-in lighting systems that use your power lines. Some of them are even able to float on the pool itself.

      Pool Alarms – Protect your gated pool by using a solar powered pool alarm. These units will charge their batteries throughout the day in order to provide enough power to last throughout the night. These can keep away intruders and/or inform you if the children are trying to sneak into the area.

      4. Cleaner/Chemical Dispenser – For a few hundred dollars, you can buy a solar powered pool skimmer that will clean small debris and dirt from the surface while dispensing the chemicals you need to pH balance the water. Some of these units are able to remove up to 90 percent of the average debris that floats and can reduce the workload your mechanical pumps commit to in order to cycle the water.

      5. Inflatable Color Changing Balls – Instead of the standard inflatable ball that millions of people buy for the swimming pool, add more life by getting a solar powered, color changing, an illuminating unit that can be bounced around the area. Some of these will cycle through various colors as time continues adding a bit of a science fiction motif to your pool party. Why settle for a mundane red and white ball when you can have one that cycles through the spectrum of the rainbow?

      Although it may be impractical to play around on your laptop while submerging half of your body in the pool, there are various goods that can add a bit more to the experience. Whether you are looking for ambiance, safety or fun, the items are gaining popularity to enhance the swimming experience. Why not fuel additional functionality by using solar power to operate these items?

      Author Bio:

      This is a guest post by Liz Nelson from AllConnect.com. She is a freelance writer and blogger from Houston. Questions and comments can be sent to [email protected]