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      When Pool Services Technologies started out five years ago, recycling swimming pool water just wasn’t enough for us and we knew we had opportunities for growth. As a swimming pool company we were always looking for the best deals on products and this went beyond the low prices we are able to get with our distributors. The key was to find the products we needed at the best possible price. Who doesn’t shop for the best possible prices? Plus, it’s always better when you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home too…right?

      It seems like a simple proposition but there is a lot of work that goes into it. First, you have to find products that your customers are looking for. Then, you have to search all over the internet to find prices that they are available for. This is the tricky part because you are going to want to offer the products at the lowest cost but this might not always be the case. Are the margins enough, is it a deal for the consumer and does it make financial sense to carry the product? This is a task that we were ready to tackle and couldn’t be happier that we started it.

      We are now going into our 3rd year of having an eCommerce site and we feel that we are extremely competitive when it comes to offering swimming pool products at the lowest cost. Not to mention, we have perfected a system to make sure that when you order swimming pool products from our eCommerce site, you will receive the product as soon as possible. We readily keep products in stock and generally ship out the same business day or the following day to ensure a timely delivery. We realize there is a lot of competition in the eCommerce swimming pool industry but we want to be remembered as the site to go to find the lowest costs on products, timely service and a company that is easy to deal with.

      Happy shopping!