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      There are many amazing health benefits to owning a spa. Some of the benefits are things many people have not thought of. It is not uncommon for owning and using a spa to be viewed as simply an indulgence. Here are some reasons why it is so much more.

      Massage Therapy And Spas

      For many centuries certain Asian and Chinese cultures have used massage therapy for its healing properties. Egyptians also used massage therapy to help their people heal from physical ailments. Traditional medicine often employs this therapy to treat conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica and arthritis. It is even used to help relax pregnant women and ease the stress on their body.

      Purification Of Skin

      Another of the health benefits one can receive from owning a spa includes purification of their skin. This is because having a spa allows people the ability to easily obtain a body wrap or facial, both of which are good for a person’s skin. A professional specializing in skin care therapy can analyze the skin of an individual and can have a positive effect on the person’s skin.


      Reflexology is also a health benefit of owning a spa because it can help reduce stress in parts of the body where people often feel physical tension, such as on their hands and feet. In addition to providing stress relief reflexology also improves the flow of blood through a person’s body as well as complications of the bowel and the bladder. It can also help improve a person’s mental health.

      Management of Certain Medical Conditions

      There are many medical conditions that can be managed by using a spa. Some of those conditions include arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure. The warm water of the spa helps relieve both the stiffness and the pain that is associated with arthritis. Soaking in warm (but not hot) water can be very beneficial because it causes a person’s body temperature to rise and results in an increased level of circulation due to the dilation of a person’s blood vessels. Exercising in a spa can also help bring relief to sore muscles. It also helps build those muscles and even supports a person’s joints, making it easier for them to move around. The reduction in blood sugar level that results from using a spa can be very good for anyone suffering from diabetes. Exercising in a spa is also good for diabetes patients if they have a hard time exercising on dry land. Blood pressure is lowered when using a spa because the heat boosts the circulation of blood throughout the body.


      Hydrotherapy often takes place in spas because of the clear health benefits people can gain. Many people who suffer from insomnia have discovered that a good soak in a spa can be enough to help them fall into a deeper sleep and remain asleep until morning. In many ways, having a spa is like having access to a medical setting at all times. Studies have shown that hydrotherapy can help people become both physically and mentally healthy. The only issue surrounding the use of spas to engage in hydrotherapy is that there is no clear cut way to prove how using a spa does benefit peoples’ health. This makes some in the medical community skeptical as to the health benefits of owning and using a spa.

      Spas and Cruise Ships

      There has also been controversy surrounding the safety of using spas after several cruise lines have had passengers that suffered from Legionnaire’s Disease shortly after completing a cruise. The contraction of the disease by former cruise ship passengers was traced back to deadly pneumonia that was identified as coming from a heated spa and whirlpool on the cruise ships. Legionnaire’s Disease can be deadly, turning many people off of the idea of using a spa altogether.

      Medical studies have revealed that community spas have the potential to carry many harmful organisms from the water into people’s bodies.

      To avoid this type of risk, many people have a spa installed at their home. Many people purchase their spa from Intex swimming pools.