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      The weather has finally broke! It’s a warm day and your whole family hesitates no further and wants to take an instant dive into the deliciously cool water of your pool. However, it hasn’t been maintained in months. Algae are growing everywhere. This is not a situation you should find yourself in as the hottest days of summer descend on you! Save yourself the costs of a damaged and neglected pool, as well as a summer without a pool. Here are some of the key processes of maintaining your pool, so that you can enjoy the summer with your family at great ease:


      A Weekly Process

      Summer’s arrived and you shouldn’t have to waste your time to fret over the state of your pool each time you leap into it. Hiring a professional to look after it weekly at a convenient time is a wise choice. Not only will you not have to worry about maintaining the pool yourself, you and your family can also enjoy your pool safely and healthily.


      Zap That Debris

      Your pool professional will help you remove the pesky debris floating on the surface of your pool and empty the skimmer basket within minutes. Also consider regularly pruning nearby shrubbery and trees that might release more debris back into your pool. Your kids will no longer have to spend summers on their inflatable dolphins dodging little islands of leaves and flowers from your garden.


      Vacuum The Void

      Now that the surface debris has been removed, your pool professional will spend about thirty minutes thoroughly vacuuming your pool. They will make sure to cover every inch of your pool. If vacuuming a pool can be compared to be mowing a lawn, your pool would be the finest and most thoroughly mowed lawn at the end of a good vacuuming session.


      Bust That Algae

      Notice all the pesky areas covered in algae? The vacuuming process is only complete when your pool professional brushes all the algae off with a nylon or stainless steel brush attached to the vacuum pole. You and your kids don’t need to spend summer swimming with some unwanted critters in your pool.


      A Chemical Check

      Before getting into the real hard work, your pool professional will take care to check your pool chemistry for you. If it’s a little off, leave it to them to adjust the pH within a blink of an eye. You’ll have a pool that’s safe and healthy to swim in at once.


      Clean the Cleaner

      Obviously, we rely on a good filtration system to keep our pool clean through the summer. Before it can do the job well, your pool professional will make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned. He will clean your pump filter, change it if necessary and check that the system is in tip-top condition: no cracking, erosions, or fraying wires.


      Sanitize The System

      A great way to do so is to use a salt chlorine generator, a low-chemical way to chlorinate your pool. It is also gentler on your skin as well. Your pool professional can take care of installing this for you to keep bacteria and contaminants out of your pool.


      It is also a much safer option for your family, and it will keep you from worrying about your pool chemical levels. Sanitizing your pool shouldn’t have to damage your hair or dry your skin out in the process, so look for a good professional team to assist you over summer.


      Shocking The Waste

      A pool professional, such as one from Pool Troopers, can also save you the fortnightly hassle of shocking your pool. To keep the chlorine in your waters from going stale after reacting to the gunk and dirt in your pool, shocking and re-chlorinating is necessary. You’ll know when there’s too much waste in your pool when you smell strong chlorine or when the waters are murky. Your pool professional will be able to take care of this quickly and leave no interruption to your family’s fun in the sun.


      Gary Crayton is the Owner of the Pool Troopers a pool repair and cleaning company servicing the Tampa area and Southern Florida.

      Thanks for the submission on how to keep swimming pools clean and sanitized. As a pool professional, we agree with these tips along with using our “puripool” process which is a unique system that is an alternative to draining a swimming pool. We have conserved over 10 million gallons of water and when this process is done every two years the water will always be in the best possible shape which makes maintenance easier and decreases chemical usage.