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      Last week, Governor Brown declared that California is in a drought emergency.  The announcement came out on January 17th because California is on record to have the driest January on record.  When you read the article and watch the video the same discussion seems to happen all the time. If you have grass…switch to desert landscaping and cut back on your water usage by 20%. Do these ideas make sense? Sure they do because it’s the most commonly thought of plan when it’s time to save water. About 5 years ago we knew this was going to happen. It was pretty obvious that California was heading down this path but as usual, the emergency always happens and they want residents to make changes right away.

      Why not have people in place that are forward thinkers? Why not listen to some of the business ideas that are out there that can truly make a difference? There are a ton of water conservation ideas out there which include washing cars only on certain days, watering your lawn only on specific days, the dual flush toilet along with others. Well, the biggest question that we feel needs to be answered is why not think about the largest body of water in a majority of peoples backyards? Yes, folks, we are talking about swimming pools that average 20,000 gallons of water in them. It’s not rocket science to think that they use a ton of water. So why not implement pool covers to save water? Why not make it a requirement to test your swimming pool for leaks every year? In the end, it always comes down to washing cars and the landscaping.

      Are we biased? Maybe but the statistics prove themselves. On a small budget, not a lot of marketing and no support from the state we have conserved more than 10 million gallons of water in California over the last 5 years. Due to the hard water, it’s recommended to drain your swimming pool every two years to prevent long-term damage to the swimming pool and equipment from calcium buildup. We designed a mobile filtration system that is an alternative to draining pools. It recycles swimming pool water and returns the water to the pool in a much better state than tap water. If the state put a moratorium on draining pools, think about how much water we would save? Is it only us or does this make sense to you too?