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      About a month ago we announced some exciting news that we are currently recycling swimming pool water in the Dallas, Texas area. With that said, it only took us another month to find a partner in Lake Havasu City!! When we began the business of providing an alternative to draining pools we knew putting together a dealership model would bring about suitable partners in the Southwest and Southern U.S. The reason why we are focused on this region is because the fill water is loaded with calcium and other hardness minerals and  most of these areas are currently in a drought. Let’s face it, the single largest water conservation act that a homeowner can do is not drain their swimming pool and since we just eclipsed the 11 million gallon mark of total gallons conserved in the San Diego area….it’s starting to catch on.

      It’s recommended to drain your swimming pool every 2 years because calcium and other hardness minerals build up on the liner, tile, pool equipment and causes numerous water chemistry issues. At this point, a homeowner can either drain the pool and fill it up with moderately hard water or recycle it using our “PURIPOOL” process which uses reverse osmosis technology to filter all the contaminants out of the swimming pool. Since our system uses high pressure to remove the contaminants from the swimming pool, we can conserve on average 85% of the water in the swimming pool. This is a hot topic especially in California because of the current drought conditions and some cities have even stated that you can’t drain and refill your swimming pool during the drought.

      As this news continues to spread we feel strongly that more and more swimming pool companies and other businesses will be interested in our dealership model because it’s cost-effective, serves a need and brings in revenue to your existing business. Stay tuned because we have our sights set on many more cities in the near future… as our goal is to make sure the “PURIPOOL” process is available in most major cities.