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      Using natural stone and glass can allow you to create some stunning, unique features that can change the entire aesthetic of your poolside and naturally enhance your landscape. Probably the biggest benefit of using these materials is a sense of freedom you that get when designing with them.


      There are plenty of options when we talk about natural stone. For instance, a pool deck made of irregular flagstone can create a stunning, natural, rustic look with a personal touch, while dimensional stone can be used if much more precise look is what you are after. If you have your natural stone paving properly installed, you’ll have a long-lasting solution that, unlike concrete, won’t crack. What’s more, you can scale your design quite seamlessly, meaning that you’ll be able to add additional pieces and fan them out around the perimeter if you want to enlarge your pool deck area.

      However, designing with natural stone can be quite expensive if you install it all over the place, so if you want to stay on the budget, you should limit its use to, say, only the coping around your pool’s edge. You can either dry-lay stone on a base of crushed stone and sand or mortar it on a concrete base, and it is commonly more cost-effective to choose the former method. Bear in mind that natural stone may also shift and move as time passes, while weeds can grow up between the stones, which can be unsightly if you want your pool deck surface to look spotless. Visit this page to see some amazing stone pool decking ideas.

      Glass Mosaics

      Having a glass mosaic within your pool area will inevitably enhance its visual aspect. You can choose to have this stylish feature installed on the entire surface of your pool, as a water line, or as a decorative surround. Regardless of your preferences, you’ll be more than pleased to see just how much your family and friends will adore the finish it will give. These items are designed specifically for pools, meaning that they will blend impeccably with their surroundings.

      The mottled colors of the tile range are likely to offset the natural splendor of stones and landscaping, both in and around your swimming pool. As they are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, it is now easier than ever to find glass mosaic tiles that will suit your pool are, making it a truly mesmerizing segment of your home.


      If you are looking to provide your poolside with relaxing and refreshing effects, there’s hardly a better way to do so than to install a waterfall. Water flowing from this cool feature in your beloved swimming pool serves to maintain a constant movement, thus making your pool both lively and soothing. Having a waterfall installed within your pool will allow you to create the ultimate stress-free zone in your house.

      You can go even further and add a fountain to your waterfalls, as this will create even more relaxing sounds to break the silence in your backyard, or install colorful lights near your waterfall to highlight the uninterrupted movement of the water. If a more natural look is what you have in mind, you can have the water falling from a huge stone, as this will not only enhance the appearance of your poolside and make it more relaxing, but also provide certain serenity to this place. Check out this website for inspiration.

      Author Bio: Lillian Connors is a blogger and home improvement enthusiast ever so keen on doing various DIY projects around her house and passionately writing about them. She is also an online marketing consultant, closely collaborating with a number of companies from all over the globe.