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      It is a question we get asked all the time especially when calcium hardness and total dissolved solids continue to rise in the swimming pool. When the combination of the both of those rise it can be more challenging to take care of a swimming pool…not to mention calcium staining on the water tile line, the liner and the pumps and filters. In the past several years we have filtered numerous swimming pools using our mobile filtration system “PuriPool Process” and have saved more than 13 million gallons of water in the San Diego area. The PuriPool Process gives swimming pool owners an alternative to draining their swimming pools when water gets harder to control. Since we started, we now have service providers in Dallas Texas, Lake Havasu City Arizona and plan to expand to other cities as well.

      Recently, we were called out to a residential swimming pool with a volume of 20,000 gallons of water. The total dissolved solids and calcium hardness were rising in the water and it was suggested that they drain the swimming pool which would not only waste 20,000 gallons of water but also another 20,000 gallons to fill it up with moderately hard water from the tap.

      Initial Chemistry

      Total Dissolved Solids – 3908 PPM

      Calcium Hardness – 870 PPM

      Total Alkalinity – 160

      After filtering this swimming pool for 16 hours we were able to conserve 85% of the water and leave them with the following end results:

      Total Dissolved Solids – 670 PPM

      Calcium Hardness – 140 PPM

      Total Alkalinity – 70