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      For those of you that have been regulars to our blog, you are well aware of our signature service ”The Puripool Process.” This process of recycling swimming pool water to remove calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, cyanuric acid and other harmful contaminants from the swimming pool started about five years ago. About a month ago, we eclipsed saving the San Diego area more than 14 million gallons of water. Saving this kind of water is especially newsworthy during a time where California is officially in a drought and news about water conservation is discussed every day.

      In the South and Southwest U.S., our fill water is extremely hard and loaded with a lot of calcium. Over time, calcium hardness builds upon the liner of the pool, the water tile line, the plumbing and all equipment causing significant damage to the swimming pool. Typically, when this happens most swimming pool owners were told to drain their swimming pools and fill them up with the hard water from the tap. We saw this as a problem that needed to be addressed so we manufactured mobile filtration systems for the swimming pool that could not only remove those harsh contaminants from the swimming pool but also conserve the water as well. After a couple of years of performing our signature “Puripool Process,” we put together a service provider model that is currently active in San Diego, CA, Dallas, TX and Lake Havasu City, AZ. Currently, we have two different size mobile filtration trailers that can be purchased in our dealership model and due to increased exposure and drought conditions, the inquiries have increased.

      Thanks to Brandon Lorentz from Clarity Pool Service in Las Vegas, NV for being our latest dealer. Brandon owns a very successful and busy pool service in Las Vegas and is looking forward to offering an alternative to draining swimming pools in an area where water conservation is high. Within a couple weeks, Brandon will be taking ownership of the trailer at which time we will highlight another post about his service and how to contact him. Thanks, Brandon for being our latest dealer.