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      A family swimming pool in the back yard can be a source of fun and exercise for the whole family, with the addition of your relatives and friends. Many people who start earning more money than before decide to upgrade their home with the installment of a swimming pool. The great thing about these water holes in the ground is that they can be of a different size, shape and purpose. Also, they can be completely personalized or constructed so that they suit specific family needs, such as for families where there are members with special needs. However, the most important feature for home swimming pools is safety. It can be lined with a marble patio and have an infinity edge, but if you fail on safety features, the outcome can be fatal.

      When festivities, Call Mitch Buchannon

      Of course, ”Mitch Buchannon“ refers to the famous character from the 1990s cult cheesy TV-series Baywatch. The point is that whenever you are organizing a pool party and you are expecting a crowd of people in and around the pool, always hire professional lifeguards to make your event safer. You can also designate someone whose sole job is to supervise those in the swimming pool. This is even more important when it is a party for children or teenagers. And no matter how much they want it, do not allow them (the teenagers, not the children) to consume alcohol at a party that is going on at your swimming pool. With the supervision of lifeguards or your constant supervision, the chances that something will go wrong will definitely be lowered.

      Enclose the Area

      For houses that are placed away from urban areas or mansions in the country, it is important to enclose the area around the pool when it is filled with water. You can never foresee what your neighbor’s kids could think of and if your swimming pool is in an unprotected area, it could happen that somebody who cannot swim falls into the pool. Besides that, there is always a possibility that uninvited animals get lost, especially at night, and fall into your swimming pool. Nobody needs such an inconvenience.

      In a recent conversation with reputed Sydney-based locksmiths, I learned that not only the filled pools should be enclosed, but that a fence should also be placed around an empty swimming pool, when the swimming season is off. That will protect your family members, but also other visitors who fail to see the gap and fall into it. If you do not protect the swimming pool area and someone gets injured, you could even get sued.

      Lights for Night Swimming

      Every home swimming pool owner should place lights around the pool or at least light the part of the house facing the pool. Swimming in a dark swimming pool at night can be quite dangerous. You could bang your head on the tiles or any other item in the pool. In addition to that, a non-enclosed dark swimming pool in the country could badly surprise its owner who has just started their night swim. Such a scenario could be a real horror story, so in order to keep the back yard swimming pool story bright and azure, always light the pool.

      Everyone who can afford it should go for a swimming pool. Instead of paying monthly tickets for several family members and wasting time on traveling to and from the pool, you simply have a pool installed in your yard. It will be a hub of family and social gatherings and a place that you will great fun at. But always take care of the safety measures, so that the pool and its visitors enjoy a long life together.

      Author Bio: Lillian Connors is a blogger and home improvement enthusiast ever so keen on doing various DIY projects around her house and passionately writing about them. She is also an online marketing consultant, closely collaborating with a number of companies from all over the globe. You can check her out on G+ and Twitter.