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      For many reasons, this year flew by but we couldn’t do it without you and your constant support. We keep in contact with so many individuals and companies through social media, email and the phone and the accomplishments we made this year couldn’t have been done without the support of all of you. So, in a year that is almost behind us we want to make sure we give thanks to those that made this a record breaking year for PST Pools. We did it by offering weekly pool service, building swimming pools, having a competitive eCommerce site but we’ve placed ourselves on the map with our “Puripool Process.” It’s our way of recycling swimming pool water and what has allowed us to make a huge imprint in the sustainability world.

      What made 2014 special?

      • We expanded into five different cities.
      • We eclipsed 15 million gallons of water conserved in the San Diego area
      • We were featured in a variety of local and national news pieces including local CBS News Affiliate 

      Just a couple weeks ago we recycled a swimming pool during a rainstorm and it was significant because sometime during the night we processed 15 million gallons of water through our mobile filtration trailer. When we started back in 2009 we had visions of this but to actually see it happen is always different. In the past, we have usually slowed down a little bit in the winter months but due to increased awareness and drought conditions, we are now currently processing swimming pool water at the fastest rate since we opened our doors.

      Part of our “Puripool Process” was to offer a service provider model. We put together a simple model with the hopes of expanding our efforts past San Diego and this year alone we now offer dealerships in Grapevine, TX., Lake Havasu City, AZ., Las Vegas, NV., Los Angeles, CA., and South San Diego to help us with the demand. Our dream of offering these trailers across the United States to prevent homeowners and commercial swimming pool owners from draining their swimming pools is slowly becoming a reality. Let’s face it, we use water at an alarming rate and the single largest water conservation project that a homeowner can do that has a swimming pool is to not drain it. That’s our business model and we want to capture as many people as we can so we can save nature’s most precious resource, WATER!

      With that said, we would like to thank the following for becoming dealers in 2014:

      • Jim Calkins with Weber Pools in Grapevine, Texas.
      • Jody Christensen with Mirage Pools in Lake Havasu City, Arizona
      • Brandon Lorentz with Clarity Pool Service in Las Vegas, Nevada
      • Ray Johnson with Clean and Clear Pools in San Diego, California
      • Fritz Brown with Living Water Pool Service in Los Angeles, California

      We also want to say thanks to all of our customers who are allowing us to make our dreams come true. Without you, we would have no business and YOU are the key to making this happen! Thanks again to everyone for their support and here’s to an amazing 2015!