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      Taking care of a swimming pool can be a lot of work but there are a variety of different things one can do to make it simpler. Anytime you have a body of water especially when the water temperature rises it can be challenging to maintain it. At a bare minimum, you will need ample amounts of chlorine and the pH needs to be within normal limits to maintain a swimming pool free of contaminants. But what happens when calcium and total dissolved solids (TDS) levels rise in the swimming pool?

      High calcium and TDS levels in a swimming pool can change the chemistry and make it more challenging to maintain a swimming pool. The simplest and easiest rule to remember is to change the water in the swimming pool every 2 years. When that time comes you can drain it and fill it up with hard water from the tap or you can hire us or any of our service providers that are located in Southern California, Las Vegas, Lake Havasu City and the Dallas area. We have a mobile filtration system that not only conserves 85% of the water in the swimming pool but also gives you the best quality of water for your swimming pool. When the “Puripool Process” is complete it also makes taking care of a swimming pool much easier.

      In the above-referenced pool, we conserved 30,000 gallons in roughly 20 hours. The following will show you before and after chemistry.


      TDS – 4863ppm

      Calcium – 640ppm

      CYA – 100ppm


      TDS – 860ppm

      Calcium – 140ppm

      CYA – 0ppm

      Remember, Don’t Drain Your Swimming Pool When You Can “Puripool!”