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      When it comes to pool safety, it’s a topic that is extremely important and goes far beyond constant supervision. Whenever there are bodies of water it can cause a variety of hazards from slips, falls and potential drownings if you’re not careful. The most common barrier that most people think of is pool fences and nets. You can either choose from a easily removable mesh fence, a more permanent iron fence or a pool net which lies over the top of the swimming pool.

      One other major concern especially with little ones and wet surfaces is slipping on the tile or cool decking. This can easily be prevented with using Enviro-Safety Grip.

      Enviro-Safety Grip Benefits

      • Lower Your Risks of Slip-and-Fall Accidents According to the U.S. Department of Labor, an average slip-and-fall injury costs roughly $28,000, putting financial strain on individuals as well as companies where such an injury occurs.
      • Get Into Compliance with ADA Regulations Avoid penalties of up to $45,000 for the first violation and up to $100,000 for each subsequent violation.

      Depending on the surface you are trying to cover you will need to read below to find the best product for your needs….

      Enviro-Safety Grip 1 Benefits

      • Enviro- Safety Grip 1 Our only non-textured formula is designed for use where a smooth, non-slip surface is required without the sacrifice of gloss or floor aesthetics.
      • Enviro-Safety Grip 1 is designed for use in indoor areas where there is a need to maintain an appearance as close as possible to that of the original surface.
      • Enviro-Safety Grip 1 is ideal for surfaces including polished stone, such as marble and granite in homes and lobbies, as well as wood or vinyl laminate flooring in office environments and homes. Provides slip resistance in areas that are not likely to become extremely wet or oily.

      Enviro-Safety Grip 2 Benefits

      • Enviro-Safety Grip 2 features a very fine industrial aggregate (akin to a 200 grit sandpaper) and is an ideal fit for bathtubs, showers, bathroom flooring and most commercial flooring.
      • Enviro-Safety Grip 2 A perfect solution or any indoor, commercial or retail environment using VCT, concrete, ceramic tile or any other flooring where aesthetics and ease of cleaning are key concerns.
      • Enviro-Safety Grip 2 The fine aggregate keeps the surface easy to clean via traditional floor cleaning modalities. Common environments for Enviro- Safety Grip 2 include hospitals, fast food (or other) restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, hotel bathrooms, foyers, spas, bathtubs and shower stalls.

      Enviro-Safety Grip 3 Benefits

      • Enviro-Safety Grip 3 provides a good choice for both indoor and outdoor environments that need solid protection against slip-and-fall injuries.
      • Enviro-Safety Grip 3 Designed to meet the needs of both business and consumers, it offers a coarser aggregate (akin to100 grit sandpaper) than Enviro-Safety Grip 02, for environments that require greater slip resistance, and a less visible and easier to clean coating than Enviro-Safety Grip 4.
      • Enviro-Safety Grip 3 Will provide effective slip-and-fall resistance even with wet or oily surfaces.

      Enviro-Safety Grip 4 Benefits

      • Enviro-Safety Grip 4 features our coarsest aggregate (similar to a 50 grit sandpaper) and is designed for use with factories, warehouses, auto repair shops, indoor and outdoor pool areas, spas, wood decks, synthetic permadeck, and hotel/condominium walkways or entryways.
      • Enviro-Safety Grip 4 ideal for indoor industrial environments and outdoor environments where slip-and-falls may occur due to rain water, puddling, pool water or other wet conditions. Provides slip-and-fall resistance even with wet or oily surfaces.
      • Enviro-Safety Grip 4 In industrial environments, a 2-coat application will not chip even with intense friction.