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      If you own a swimming pool in the Southwest U.S., this is a problem you will be guaranteed of having. Calcium hardness is extremely high in tap water and as water evaporates in your swimming pool, the hardness minerals stay behind. Typically, you will want to have an average of 200-400ppm calcium hardness in your swimming pool but depending on where you live, tap water can be 400+ ppm. This is a serious dilemma and if you are in drought-stricken areas like most of the U.S. draining a swimming pool should be the last thing that should cross your mind. Instead of draining, you can now recycle your swimming pool water using our mobile filtration system. Our “Puripool” Process is mobile and can filter out calcium and other hardness minerals in your swimming pool so you Never Have To Drain Your Swimming Pool Again!

      Over the weekend, we scheduled a pool to be recycled because they were complaining of high calcium. The calcium was measured at 1200+ppm. If you notice the picture you can see calcium staining along the water tile line but it is also causing damage to the liner and pool equipment. With our unique filtration system you can not only lower calcium levels in your pool but if you use the service every two years you can prevent long-term damage to your swimming pool as well.

      Initial Chemistry of Above Swimming Pool

      Calcium Hardness – 1200+ppm

      CYA – 100+

      Total Dissolved Solids – 7000ppm

      After running this swimming pool through our mobile filtration system for 12 hours we conserved 85% of the water and left them with the following chemistry which is better than tap water.

      Calcium Hardness – 140ppm

      CYA – 30

      Total Dissolved Solids – 1000

      Owning a swimming pool in areas where calcium hardness is high can make it more challenging to maintain but with our mobile filtration system it can make your job much easier, not to mention, conserving nature’s most precious resource… WATER!