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      Let’s face it, everyone is now aware of it but now it’s almost a daily occurrence in the news discussing drought issues in California. It’s pretty scary to think about how little water is left. Recently, Nasa declared, “California Has One Year of Water Left.” The art of rationing is becoming the norm and all sorts of restrictions are now being implemented depending on where in California you live. We have discussed the fact that our water conservation project has saved over 17 million gallons of water in Southern California but until recently it didn’t seem like swimming pools were even being discussed. Cities like Santa Cruz have prevented the draining and refilling of swimming pools however they did approve our swimming pool water recycling mobile filtration system because it conserves 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool. This means when it’s time to change out the water in your swimming pool…. we are the only solution.

      According to a more recent article on CNBC titled Drought Puts The Screws on California Swimming Pools this is much more of a serious situation than maybe some of us ever imagined. Ultimately this means that there are going to be numerous restrictions on new construction as well as draining and refilling swimming pools. Cities in the San Francisco and Los Angeles area are already facing restrictions and if there is only one year of water left it’s probably time to start thinking about what we can do NOW! Let’s face it, this situation isn’t going away but if you have a swimming pool or if you own a swimming pool company there is a logical option. Our “Puripool” process is unique and conserves water. Cities will allow our technology to be used if your swimming pool needs to be drained due to high calcium issues. We conserve 85% of the water in the swimming pool and are currently servicing the San Diego area. If you’re in the Los Angeles area we have a service provider there as well. We are looking to expand all over California and if you’re interested in learning more about our technology, please contact us at 1-800-835-0778.