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      If you didn’t already know, California is experiencing record drought conditions with little relief in sight. Let’s face it, it has been said that the only way we will lower the drought conditions is if we have 6 months of rain nonstop!! We all know that the likelihood of that happening is pretty slim so it’s our promise to do our best to conserve as much water as possible and be forward thinking in our future planning. For the last five years, we have primarily focused our attention on residential swimming pools using our mobile filtration system. We have filtered commercial pools as well but our business has been centered around 90% residential. During this time we have conserved more than sixteen million gallons of water and have recently built our tenth mobile filtration trailer for service providers across the United States.

      Restrictions are popping up all over California and some cities are no longer allowing individuals to build swimming pools or even do a drain and refill. That’s why we are committed to using our mobile filtration trailers to purify swimming pool water in more areas than just California. Recently, we have expanded into Dallas, Las Vegas, Lake Havasu City, Los Angeles, South San Diego, Bakersfield and Walnut Creek. When we started, our major concern was exactly what is going on right now and we wanted to provide a solution. It’s recommended that you drain your swimming pool every couple of years because of the hardness minerals in the water that destroys the tile, liner, and equipment if left untreated. Before us, the only solution was to drain and refill a swimming pool which wastes an average of 20,000 gallons and another 20,000 gallons to fill the pool back up.

      As water becomes more and more scarce the issues we are having in California are slowly going to creep into other states too. With that said, water conservation is the primary reason as to why we are in business and we have now come up with new technologies that are going to revolutionize the commercial water conservation industry as well. We will be soon rolling out our new technology that will be targeting apartment complexes, hotels, and large community swimming pools as cities in California are asking them to find new ways to conserve water.

      If you’re interested in learning more about our process or future plans you can watch our most recent feature on CBS affiliate Channel 8 News in San Diego.