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      PebbleSheen Delam 003

      For those of you who have been following our blog, we generally have discussed all the reasons why draining a swimming pool should be a thing of the past. The biggest reason being the drought and water conservation but there are also a lot of risks that one takes when they empty out all of the water in their swimming pool. Most people will say that it’s dangerous to empty out a swimming pool with a plaster surface when it’s above 80 degrees as it could crack the plaster. Others will state that you can go higher in temperatures with PebbleTec and PebbleSheen swimming pools. Ultimately, our belief is there is ALWAYS a risk when you drain a swimming pool.

      PebbleSheen Delam 004

      Recently, one of our customers drained their swimming pool because they were planning on doing a little bit of a remodel. They drained their swimming pool this past weekend because they didn’t see the use in running the pumps when they had to remodel sometime before next season and they took a few pics of what can (and does) happen during a drain and refill.  It is generally accepted that PebbleTec products will hold up better than plaster during a drain and refill, but not always, as seen here.  While this case is extreme, it does serve to show that even the stronger finishes can fail when the water is removed.

      PebbleSheen Delam 006

      The above photos show significant damage to the steps of the pool and an area near the water feature. This is why we push our Puripool Process far beyond just for water conservation. Every time you empty out the water in the swimming pool you take a huge risk of causing damage to your swimming pool which could cost thousands of dollars to fix.

      So remember, Don’t Drain Your Swimming Pool, Puripool!