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      One of the perks of living in a house and having a backyard is the possibility of having a pool. Still, with great things comes great responsibility. Maintaining the poolside is a daily duty of every homeowner, but sometimes that is not enough. The pool is not just a hole full of water, but a relaxing outdoor area that should present a rest for the eyes and the mind. Once your poolside starts to look lifeless and boring, it is time to add some practical and aesthetic changes. If you do not know where to start, let us dive into the topic and find some ideas together.

      Lighting Upgrades

      Yes, standard floodlights are nice and functional, but do they produce the “wow” effect? No, they do not. So, try stepping up the game a bit with more lights in and around the pool. Standard light bulbs can be really cost-demanding, so you should opt for LED lights alongside the plants around the pool or below the water level. You can also add some torches a bit further from the water, lanterns above the poolside furniture and use candles when you are spending a pleasant night there.

      Resurfacing the Pool

      If you have noticed that the surface of your pool is cracked and worn out due to the effects of time, you should consider applying a fresh coat of paint, if you want your pool to be functional for years to come. This is an easy way to breathe in new life to your pool, and if you find pool paint online, this project can also turn out to be really affordable. Today there are many available stylistic options from seashell patterns to pebbled texture. Make sure you choose the paint with durable aggregate finish.



      Here is one practical upgrade. Not only it will pay off by reducing your utility bills, but it will also be your contribution for a better tomorrow for our planet. Amongst the energy-efficient equipment you can install are: variable speed pumps, energy-efficient filters and various solar powered features (heaters, lights, etc.). In time you will be able to see the difference between your previous costs and the ones after energy-saving upgrades.


      Updating Waterline Tiles

      This update is actually a neat trick that enables you to create a stunningly different appearance of the poolside, while not actually changing much and not actually spending much. As a matter of fact, if you combine a brand new stack of tiles with fresh coat of paint, you will completely alter the impression your poolside gives away. Make sure, though, that you steer away from tiles that are extremely abrasive, so you would not have to repeat this step the very next season.

      New Water Features

      Sometimes, a touch of glamour and something to brag about to your neighbors and friends is just what it takes to make your poolside perfect. You can accomplish that with sprinklers, fountains or some similar posh pool accessories. Limit yourself to just a few of these features, to keep the primary function of the pool (swimming) and to avoid high electricity and maintenance costs.

      Though owning a pool is not a luxury these days, it is still a valuable perk you should appreciate. That is why you should not leave it to chance, when its shine starts to fade away. Instead, invest a little money and time to return it to its previous glory and beyond.

      Author Bio: Lillian Connors enjoys discussing an array of topics related to green living and home improvement. She is currently in charge of the sustainability segment on Smooth Decorator. You can check her out on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.