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      Do you have an issue with hard water in your swimming pool? Do you live in an area where calcium hardness and total dissolved levels in your swimming pool water get so high that it’s recommended to change out your water? Maintaining your swimming pool with hard water, high salts, high phosphates and high cyanuric acid levels are all reasons as to why it’s recommended to change out your water and reverse osmosis filtration can help you. At Pure Water Industries, we’ve developed mobile filtration trailers that come to your home or commercial property and recycle the water. It eliminates the need to drain your swimming pool and gives you a much better end product. Our guarantee is to give you crystal clear water and to conserve up to 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool. With current drought conditions in California and other areas of the United States, it can definitely make a difference because the average size swimming pool holds about twenty thousand gallons of water.

      With all that said, we realize that we do have some competition in the marketplace and if you choose to go with someone else besides one of the service providers we want to equip you with questions you should be asking.

      • Do you expose the liner of the swimming pool?
        • This shouldn’t happen at any point during the process
      • How much water do you lose?
      • How long does it take?
        • This depends on initial calcium hardness and TDS levels but anywhere from 12-16 hours on average for a 20,000-gallon swimming pool.
      • What levels of calcium hardness and TDS do you take the water down to?
        • We guarantee calcium hardness below 200ppm and TDS will vary depending on if the pool is a salt pool or not.
      • Does your unit communicate with you even when you aren’t onsite?
        • Yes, we can communicate with the trailer in real time and make any changes necessary via phone or tablet.
      • What is your guarantee?
        • We guarantee calcium hardness below 200ppm and TDS will vary depending on if the pool is a salt pool or not. We also guarantee you crystal clear water.
      • Is it loud?
        • No, the trailer is insulated and is about as loud as an AC unit. In the seven years of running our trailer day and night, we haven’t received any noise complaints.
      • Are there any power cords in the pool?
        • No; in fact, you can swim in the pool while the process is being done.

      The above questions are great to ask your service provider before hiring them. We answered them to give you an idea of what our service entails.