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      We recently came across an article discussing things to do to save water on UN World Water Day. As many parts of our world and country are dealing with drought conditions, we are pretty excited about World Water Day. It’s always nice to have increased awareness but at Pure Water Industries, we believe that everyone should be conserving water every day! About seven years ago, we manufactured our first mobile filtration trailer with the intentions of recycling swimming pool water. For the first 4 years that is exactly what we did until we decided that it was time to develop something bigger! About 4.5 years ago we rolled out our service provider model that would allow others in the industry to purchase these trailers from us and add them to their existing business. As of now, we have sixteen service providers recycling swimming pool water all over California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. To date, our mobile filtration trailer that is primarily working in the San Diego area has recycled almost 20 million gallons of water!!

      Our vision was to provide homeowners and commercial swimming pool owners an alternative to draining swimming pools. In the wake of the drought, along with hard water issues in swimming pools, we knew this would be a great way for swimming pool owners to conserve the existing water in their swimming pool. Our mobile trailers are equipped with Reverse Osmosis machines that can lower calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, cyanuric acid, phosphates, salts and so much more while retaining 85% of the water in the swimming pool. As the drought continues, we are beginning to notice an increase in individuals purchasing these trailers and we truly believe that draining a swimming pool will be a thing of the past some day.

      Our intentions are to be a forward thinking company, that’s why we are constantly looking for other ways to conserve nature’s most precious resource, WATER! Recently, we signed up to work with FEMA to provide water in case of an emergency disaster because our mobile filtration trailers can produce up to 40,000 gallons of drinking water each day.

      So, with all that said….. If you own a swimming pool, contact us today to learn more about how you can conserve an average of 20,000 gallons or more a year by recycling rather than draining your swimming pool!