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      As Pure Water Industries continues to expand its service provider model, we are excited to announce that Pool Water Recycling of Santa Ana, California will be our newest service provider. The drought in Southern California is extremely serious and is gaining more and more worldwide attention. In a recent article in the Orange County Register, there is serious talk about not allowing pools to be filled with water! As water restrictions continue to rise and public awareness of saving water increases so does the need for conserving water in every way possible. Our mobile filtration systems can be used to recycle all types of bodies of water but our main focus is swimming pools. There are approximately 1.2 million swimming pools in California and it’s recommended to drain them every two years due to high calcium hardness, high total dissolved solids, high cyanuric acid, high salt and high phosphate levels. Not only those but waterborne diseases are a major concern and can be removed as well using our mobile filtration system. As you can only imagine draining all of these swimming pools would be an extreme waste of water. With that said, our mobile filtration Reverse Osmosis (RO) units were designed to recycle swimming pool water and conserve up to 85% of the water in the swimming pool. The “Puripool Process” has been around for seven years and can be watched HERE.

      As awareness continues to rise, we hope draining and refilling swimming pools will be a thing of the past. That reality just took a huge step forward as we are excited to announce that Pool Water Recycling, located in the Santa Ana, California area will be our newest service provider. Pool Water Recycling is owned by Lisamarie Silva and she’s anxious to start recycling swimming pool water. Pool Water Recycling services the following areas:

      • Santa Ana
      • Huntington Beach
      • Irvine
      • Anaheim
      • And many more..

      Pool Water Recycling was purchased by Lisamarie and her brother Javier Silva who are excited to be offering this revolutionary service to residential and commercial swimming pool properties. To them, it just made sense that there had to be a better solution to a drain and refill and this was it. Pool Water Recycling will proudly be serving Santa Ana, Yorba Linda, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Balboa, Corona del Mar, Laguna Beach, and Irvine. Please note, they are currently updating their mobile filtration equipment and look forward to working with swimming pool owners in January of 2021.

      If you would like to contact Lisamarie you can reach her at 866-620-9234 or email at [email protected]

      Thanks, Lisamarie and Javier, we look forward to working with you and wish you all the best on your new business adventure!