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      It is with excitement that we would like to announce that Pure Water Industries Service Provider Model is growing and we are now recycling swimming pools in Phoenix, Arizona. With an estimate of over 500,000 swimming pools, extremely hard water issues, rising drought conditions/concerns, and extremely high temperatures it’s a great place for our Service Provider model to be growing. In many areas in Phoenix, the water coming out of the tap is 400 parts per million (ppm) and higher. Swimming pools typically like to be in a range of 200 – 400 ppm calcium hardness, which means if you do a typical drain and refill the water is much harder than what is recommended. Not to mention, with most days above 90 degrees there’s always a high risk of cracking the liner of the swimming pool when you drain it. Currently, Monarch Pool Service in Scottsdale, Arizona is servicing the valley, but due to the demand and interest, we are now growing into Phoenix!

      Now that No Drainer Water Purification Services has purchased one of our mobile filtration trailers, they are going to give swimming pool owners in the Greater Phoenix area another option to service their swimming pool. As swimming pool water evaporates, calcium and other hardness minerals remain in solution, gradually build up on the tile line, the interior finish, filtration equipment, spillways and water features. When this happens, the scaling can be hard to look at especially on spillways and decorative water features. At this point (which is typically every two years) a water change is suggested but with our mobile filtration trailer, we come to you. It is equipped with Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes that lower calcium hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), cyanuric acid (CYA), phosphates, salts, waterborne diseases and so much more! We can conserve up to 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool and put drinking quality water back into your pool. There is never a concern about cracking the liner because the water level never changes and you can swim in the pool while the process is being done! For a short video on how the process is performed, CLICK HERE! Please keep in mind, this service is great for both residential and commercial swimming pools!

      Thank you to Russ Kravchuck of No Drainer Water Purification Services, located in Phoenix, Arizona for being the latest to join our Service Providers. We are excited to have him as a part of our team and he will have his mobile filtration trailer shortly. If you are interested in learning more or want to schedule your first appointment with them, please email him at [email protected] or call him at (602) 791-3230.


      No Drainer Owner & Operator Russ K., as a pool owner, wanted a way to filter his own pool water without the hassle and water waste of draining the entire pool. That’s when his research led him to Pure Water Industries. Russ traveled to California and met with the owners. Not long after that meeting, he made a plan to bring the benefits of PURIPOOL™ mobile water filtration to Arizona pool owners and founded No Drainer Water Purification Services. No Drainer Water Purification Services is now an Arizona-based solution to swimming pool water purification!