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      If you own a residential or commercial swimming pool especially in the Southwest United States, you will probably have to drain your swimming pool every two years. But we wanted to let you know that we aren’t a fan of draining a swimming pool and despite what most swimming pool professionals say, you shouldn’t drain a swimming pool. So the question should be, “Why should I be draining a swimming pool?” In our industry, we deal with water chemistry, waterborne diseases and other factors that might cause for the recommendation of draining a swimming pool. Typically, the following are the main reasons why a pool professional would recommend a water change:

      1. Your Calcium Hardness is too high
      2. Your Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is too high
      3. Your Cyanuric Acid (CYA) is too high
      4. Presence of a waterborne disease
      5. Your water is “old”

      At Pure Water Industries, we are aware of this and instead of draining your swimming pool we have a much better option. We offer The Puripool Process and it is not only easier for you but there are many other benefits that can be enjoyed and we want to share them with you in the blog post!

      Please note, with a standard drain and refill it can take 2-3 days to perform which is unnecessary downtime for you and your bathers, it can damage the interior finish of the swimming pool (this happened to a Service Provider of ours and you can see what happened to the pool pictured below) and you are just going to fill up your pool with moderately hard water again! Whereas, if you choose to use our Reverse Osmosis (RO) Mobile Filtration Trailer we can recycle your pool water and give you much better water than what is coming out of your tap. The benefits to using our service are the followi

      • Water conservation, we conserve up to 85% of the existing water
      • Better water than tap (drinking quality)
      • No downtime (you can swim in the pool during filtration)
      • No damage to the interior finish
      • Excellent water quality
      • Increased lifespan of the swimming pool
      • The water just feels better

      In times of a drought, our option is the only option you will need. This is a service that takes a huge headache away from you and prevents damage to your pool. Typically, with a residential swimming pool, we can finish filtration in less than a day and your water will never look or feel any better! If you’re curious about this service or how it’s better than a typical drain and refill, please contact us today!