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      At Pure Water Industries, we highly recommend changing out your pool water at least every two years (maybe sooner if you have a salt system)! Due to the high Calcium Hardness (CH) in the San Diego area, you should change out your pool water often. High calcium levels alone are one of the main reasons why residential and commercial swimming pool owners should replace their water every two years. Specifically, in our area, we deal with higher levels of Calcium Hardness in our tap water and it can cause major damages to your swimming pool, your filtration equipment, and your salt chlorinator (if you have one) as well! At Pure Water Industries, we offer an alternative to a typical drain and refill because draining a swimming pool can cause any one of the following:

      • Cracking the interior finish
      • The pool could float (more common in Central and Eastern United States)
      • The walls could collapse
      • It is a huge waste of water that can be reclaimed

      Since we are located in the Southwest United States, we are extremely concerned with the water but if you have the opportunity to save the water by recycling it instead, all of the above risks go away because the interior finish is never exposed. With our Reverse Osmosis (RO) mobile filtration “Puripool Process” the water level in the swimming pool never changes and the end product is much better than tap water. We’ve been known to drink the water coming back into the pool! The process will lower CH, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), salts, CYA, waterborne diseases and so much more! Not to mention, we can conserve up to 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool too!

      Just last week, we were called out to a 10,000-gallon salt swimming pool in Coronado, California that we filtered two years ago.  They love their swimming pool and want to prevent calcium scaling on the tile, interior finish, and filtration equipment. They love the feel of the water and ultimately want to prolong the lifespan of their investment. Since our water is hard in the San Diego area, the calcium climbed more than 700 parts per million in those two years.

      Initial Chemistry:

      Calcium Hardness – 860 ppm

      Total Dissolved Solids – 7882 ppm

      Cyanuric Acid – 0 ppm

      After filtering this 10,000-gallon swimming pool for 8 hours we were able to lower all their levels and give them excellent water quality.

      Ending Chemistry:

      Calcium Hardness – 130 ppm

      Total Dissolved Solids – 840 ppm

      Cyanuric Acid – 0 ppm

      In conclusion, their Calcium Hardness is much lower than tap water which will give them great water to swim in. Since they own a salt chlorinator this will also allow it to function better. To learn more, please contact us today!