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      Inline RO Filtration For Commercial Swimming Pools

      Pure Water Industries has been constructing mobile filtration trailers that are equipped with Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration systems for the past 10 years. These trailers have been servicing residential and commercial swimming pools all over California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and now Oklahoma. As the leader in water filtration and innovative conservation techniques, we are now proud to offer customized inline RO water purification systems too. Inline RO systems provide the same end result as our mobile filtration trailers; the only difference is they aren’t on wheels! With these systems, we have the ability to build customizable inline RO filtration systems that can be installed in resorts, hotels, apartment complexes, water parks and so much more. The features of these would be similar to the Standard RO System except for the capacity and size which would be determined by the size of the swimming pool.

      Benefits of Inline RO Filtration Systems

      • With an inline RO system plumbed directly to the swimming pool filtration system you are able to control the minimum and maximum TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in the swimming pool.
      • The ability to control water quality will prolong the life of plaster and negates the need for a drain and refill to address unsafe water quality.
      • Chemical levels can be much lower and still provide a safe and sanitary pool.
      • Waterborne disease and the possibility of sick swimmers are a very real concern and can (and do) provide the ability for extremely bad press, as well as consumer scare.
      • Less damage to pool equipment and decreased visual impact of calcium scaling to pool waterline tile and decking areas.
      • General sanitization is greatly improved.

      With the goal of being able to provide commercial swimming pool properties with Inline-RO systems we envision the following:

      • Excellent water quality at all times
      • Less water quality compliance issues
      • Increased lifespan of filtration equipment and the swimming pools interior finish
      • Happy swimmers 🙂

      Pure Water Industries has had the benefit of installing these inline filtration systems in large commercial resorts and here is what they are saying… Pure Water Industries installation was professional, neat and of the highest quality, and there was minimal intrusion to the property. In the time following the installation, we have been able to not only monitor and maintain water quality within a set parameter but also gather data showing less chemical demand, lower calcium levels, better overall water quality and produce an impressive ROI for this property.

      If you’re interested in learning how our Inline RO Filtration can help you, please contact us today!