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      Recycling Commercial Swimming Pool Water

      When it comes to running, managing, or operating a commercial swimming pool the challenges are a little greater. This is true because of the number of bathers and not always being able to see what is going on in the swimming pool. Commercial pools all over the country are more susceptible to waterborne diseases, water quality issues, high levels of TDS, and high Cyanuric Acid (CYA) levels. Waterborne diseases are common because of the number of bathers and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels rise due to the fact that most commercial swimming pools inject liquid chlorine. That is why there are a lot more regulations when it comes to commercial swimming pools and why we recommend checking with your local water authority to make sure your swimming pool is in compliance.

      At Pure Water Industries it isn’t uncommon for us to be called out to a commercial swimming pool for any of the above reasons but also because our mobile filtration Reverse Osmosis filtration can lower all of the above issues, prevent them from having to drain their swimming pool (no downtime), and give them drinking quality water to swim in. Recently, we were called out to a 28,400-gallon commercial swimming pool in Pacific Beach, California because their Calcium Hardness, TDS, salt, and CYA levels were all high.

      Initial Chemistry

      Calcium Hardness – 840 ppm

      Total Dissolved Solids – 5580 ppm

      Salinity – 3730 ppm

      CYA – 200 ppm

      After filtering this swimming pool for 23 hours we were able to lower all of the above numbers to the following:

      Ending Chemistry

      Calcium Hardness – 150 ppm

      Total Dissolved Solids – 1000 ppm

      Salinity – 758 ppm

      CYA – 25 ppm

      In previous blogs, we have discussed the relationship between CYA and Free Chlorine and how challenging it can be when levels get high. In the end, this property is now swimming in RO quality water which is the best water quality possible. They didn’t have to drain their swimming pools, we conserved roughly 24,000-gallons of the existing water, and now it is going to be much easier for them to take care of this swimming pool.

      If you should have any questions on how our service works, please contact us today!