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      We remember it like it was yesterday. In March of 2018 at The Western Pool & Spa Show in Long Beach, California we had the pleasure of meeting all the great guys at Pool Chasers. It was a great conversation and there was mutual respect for each other’s businesses right away. Over the next couple of months, a few emails ensued and we were asked to be on their podcast.  This was truly an honor for us and something we were truly looking forward too. But what occurred after we agreed was above our expectations. The efficiency in which they run, the phone calls leading up to the big day, and even what went into the day of the recording was truly awesome.

      Before we came in for recording there were a few more emails with questions, a long phone call to really discuss what would make this podcast great, and of course to make sure our values lined up because this is vital to not only them but us as well. To be honest, there is truly something very cool about seeing the high values they put on their business and once those aligned it was off to the races. Questions were asked, more emails were sent, and then a call a few days before the recording occurred to have a “dry run” of the experience to make sure we covered everything. Then, the big day arrived! It was time to record and this was a great experience from start to finish and something we will always benefit from because of how Pool Chasers operates. Their office was clean, they gave us water, a sheet with all the questions, a pad to take notes and finally explained to us how taping would be of the highest quality.

      When recording occurred we talked a lot, we laughed a lot, we shared real-life experiences, we learned more about each other and got to share our passion. Pool Chasers is top notch. This is a business that is successful because of the way the guys operate and now that the podcast is live we get to relive the moment over and over again.

      We are thankful to Pool Chasers and if you want to check out the podcast, CLICK HERE!

      If you would like to connect with Pool Chasers and we highly recommend that you do, you can do it using the following ways:





      Thanks again guys, we definitely look forward to working more with you in the future!