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      Commercial Grade Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems

      Reverse Osmosis has been around for a long time treating water. Pure Water Industries has furthered this operation by constructing various customized RO systems to treat pool water and house water. One of our visions is to install our commercial-grade RO systems in resorts, hotels, water parks, and other commercial applications so bathers can swim in high-quality water. Our Reverse Osmosis swimming pool filters can be customized according to your needs. The pools in resorts, hotels, water parks, and residential complexes have varying requirements when it comes to drainage frequency. We’ll calibrate the RO system depending on the capacity and size of the commercial pool.

      The following are other industries that Pure Water Industries works with:

      • Aerospace Engineering
      • Breweries
      • Medical Marijuana
      • Cannabis

      The following are sizes that are available:

      • 20,000 GPD
      • 30,000 GPD
      • 40,000 GPD
      • 50,000 GPD
      • 100,000 GPD
      • Other customized sizes available

       Pure Water Industries has taken the technology from its mobile filtration trailers and replicated it in an inline system. Our inline reverse osmosis filtration system is plumbed directly to swimming pools, keeping the water safe and sanitary at all times.


      Our standard inline ROI system includes the following components:

      • ABS control panel, NEMA 4X electrical enclosure.
      • Microprocessor control from feed tank low, pre-treat, low feed press, product tank full.
      • Brine, recirculation and product flows and product TDS monitored through the microprocessor and high TDS.
      • Sampling valves for each vessel.
      • Two gauges for vessel array in-out and two filter in-out are stainless steel case, internals and glycerin filled, all mounted on the front panel.
      • Pre-filter is stainless steel housing with 2″ FNPT ports for one each number 2 filter bag, 10 micron.
      • Brine and re-circulation valves are 316 stainless steel, globe type mounted in the last vessel brine line.
      • Plumbing: Schedule. 80 PVC. Fitting types and hose best suited for the purpose.
      • The main pump wetted parts are all 316 stainless steel.
      • Skid frame is stainless steel with accommodation for the multimedia filter, boost and injection pumps.
      • Boost pump is StaRite 2.5 HP.
      • Injection systems are 0-6 GPD pumps mounted on a 30-gallon tank for anti-scalant and sodium metabisulfite.
      • UV is a 40 GPM stainless steel unit with lamp monitor. (STANDARD FEATURE)
      • Automation Package, remote access, startup and shutdown

      Our systems can be used for a variety of industries including Aerospace Engineering, Breweries, Medical Marijuana, Cannabis, whole house RO filtration, and so much more. To learn more about all of our options, please contact us today!