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      The Best Answer For The Chlorine Shortage

      Imagine swimming in water that has been softened, descaled, pH balanced and sanitized all without the need for harsh chemicals, toxic additives, corrosive salt water, or dangerous irritants. The Chlorine Genie can help you fill your pool with the Ultimate Water. The Chlorine Genie is a stand-alone piece of equipment that works together with your pump, filter, and heater. It is one of the 4 core pieces of equipment that should be installed on every pool. Introducing, The Chlorine Genie which has the following benefits:

      • Genie uses softened tap water, so cells stay cleaner… requiring less service.
      • Genie’s salt goes right into the brine tank… not in the pool.
      • Genie uses a small amount of tap water… not hard pool water.
      • Genie manufactures its own acid and base products…eliminating pH problems.
      • Genie makes chlorine every day… reducing pump run times and energy consumption.

      Good For You

      • Good for your skin, eyes, nose, and hair!
      • Healthy Water for your kids!
      • Good for your wallet!

      Good For Your Pool

      • Will not degrade your pool equipment!
      • Reduce the weekly pool servicing!
      • Enjoy consistent, stable pH levels!

      Good For the Environment

      • No wasted chemicals!
      • Less electricity utilization!
      • Fewer chemicals are used in the process!

      The Chlorine Genie For The Chlorine Shortage

      The patented CHLORINE GENIE uses an electrolytic cell submerged in salty brine softened water to produce the chlorine your pool needs. The water is softened by a reverse osmosis system and water descaling system built right into the unit. The electrolytic cell breaks salt and water into the basic elements: chloride, sodium, hydrogen, and oxygen. The chloride ions combine to make pure chlorine which is then mixed with water and dispensed into the pool. The sodium combines with hydrogen and oxygen and is used to control the pH of your pool water. The pH of most pools can be kept in balance without using commercial acid or soda ash!

      The Chlorine Genie is an incredibly simple solution to set up and maintain. The only inputs to the system are salt and water.

      If you’re curious to know more or how you can get one today, please contact us!