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      How Drought Conditions Affect Swimming Pools

      Owning a swimming pool in the Southwest often leads to problems during the hot summer months.  High temperatures accelerate evaporation, creating elevated Calcium Hardness levels in the pool from the need to add more water, and thus more calcium. The fill water in California, Arizona, and Nevada are loaded with calcium, magnesium, and other hardness minerals, which can often be problematic for swimming pool owners. We generally suggest that you need to drain a pool once calcium levels exceed 600 parts per million (ppm), which seems wasteful, especially when water is at a premium and drought conditions exist in many parts of the Country.

      At Pure Water Industries, we figured there had to be a better solution to this problem. Most of California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Texas other southern U.S. states are well-populated with swimming pools and deal not only with hard water but water conservation needs. That is why we are constructing mobile filtration trailers that recycle swimming pool water instead of draining it. As previously mentioned, swimming pool owners are usually told by pool professionals to drain their swimming pools when their TDS climbs above 3,000 ppm, when CYA is over 100 ppm and Calcium Hardness is above 600 ppm. This is a reality in the southwest because as the water evaporates due to high temperatures, the minerals remain in solution, scale the tile, the interior finish of the swimming pool, and can damage filtration equipment.

      The Puripool Process for Swimming Pools

      With that said, we felt that designing a mobile filtration system that could lower TDS, Calcium Hardness, and CYA, along with correcting other problematic water issues, was a perfect option, as it doesn’t even require a pool to be drained! The mobile filtration trailer was designed to filter both commercial and residential pools, and pools can be used during the process. Inside the trailer is a large industrial Reverse Osmosis system that works on high pressure, thus making water loss extremely minimal (approx. 15%). The trailer is completely self-contained, runs off its own power, and is designed to filter up to 40,000 gallons of water a day.

      The “Puripool” Process was designed by Pure Water Industries to filter nearly any size pool, with any type of interior finish and in virtually any condition. This is an excellent alternative to draining pools and saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water in a region where water is at a premium. To date, we have conserved more than 75 million gallons of water and are currently building mobile filtration trailers for our Service Providers all over the country.

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