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      Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems

      With a combined 27 years of experience in the Reverse Osmosis industry, we pride ourselves on making Reverse Osmosis systems for your whole house. For the last ten plus years, we have primarily manufactured and sold systems to filter swimming pool water. These systems can be designed to filter from as little as 400 gallons per day (GPD) all the way up to 100,000 GPD and more. We have built systems on mobile trailers as well as in-line for commercial use. We did this because we knew there had to be a better solution than a typical drain and refill that is recommended in the swimming pool industry to lower Calcium Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Cyanuric Acid (CYA), and so much more. These mobile filtration trailers have the ability to come to your residential or commercial property and recycle your pool water onsite utilizing The Puripool Process. This process has conserved more than 67-million gallons of water and has provided superior water quality to swim in.

      In addition to that, we also manufacture small shelf mounted systems that can provide fill water for your swimming pool which is a great addition after the water has been filtered. This will prevent the Calcium Hardness levels from getting high and can ensure RO quality water is being delivered to your pool every time water needs to be added. But, what about the rest of your home? Wouldn’t it be great to have superior water quality delivered to your entire house? One of the biggest benefits of RO quality water is definitely the quality of it but this can also the hard water buildup we all hate seeing and feeling.

      Pure Water Industries also manufactures whole house Reverse Osmosis systems that can be installed to provide RO quality water throughout your entire home. These systems come with a minimum 300-gallon storage tank which ensures this water is ready to go when needed. Depending on how much water is needed we have systems that can produce 2000 GPD, 4000 GPD, and more. We also sell larger tanks depending upon what is needed for your home.

      As a company, we pride ourselves on manufacturing high-quality RO systems for many different uses. To learn more about our RO systems, please contact us today!