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      A Solution For The Chlorine Shortage

      Customers of Pure Water Industries who value saving water and having the softest, cleanest most environmentally responsible pool will want to also have a Chlorine Genie. With the only salt generator available that keeps salt out of the pool, the Chlorine Genie will enable pool owners to not only save money from never having to buy chlorine again but also provide the ultimate pool water soft enough for a baby.

      Never Buy Chlorine Again



      Chlorine Genie creates the ultimate pool water which is soft as silk and easy on eyes, skin, and hair. No goggles are needed! Sanitize safely and reduce future operating costs of private and commercial pools.


      A patented electrolytic cell generates chlorine outside of the pool. This keeps the corrosive effects of salt out of the pool and in the brine tank. No more damage to plaster or equipment from salt.



      Their 10,000 hour, 5-year warranty gives you peace of mind that the Chlorine Genie is well built, designed to last, and backed by a company that believes in their product.

      Chlorine Genie

      Benefits of The Chlorine Genie

      Good For You

      • Good for your skin, eyes, nose, and hair!
      • Healthy Water for your kids!
      • Good for your wallet!

      Good For Your Pool

      • Does not degrade your pool equipment!
      • Reduce the weekly pool servicing!
      • Enjoy consistent, stable pH levels!

      Good For The Environment

      • No wasted chemicals!
      • Less electricity utilization!
      • Less chemicals used in the process!

      PRICE – 3950.00 plus tax and shipping

      Inline RO Filtration

      We Stand By This Product for Our Chlorine Shortage

      “When I was originally approached by Chlorine Genie, I was intrigued with how their system could work with RO pool water. I was told it made its own chlorine without adding salt to the pool and monitored the pH. With the current chlorine shortage, rising pH in my salt pool, and having to add chlorine due to the high temperatures in Phoenix, I said I wanted to try the system. It has done everything they said and more. It has made my water softer, I haven’t had to add any additional chlorine, and my pH has stayed consistent at 7.4. I’m writing this at a time where our temperatures reached 117 degrees and hotter for eight straight days. The combination of RO water and this system makes taking care of your pool easy. I’m definitely a fan of the Chlorine Genie and highly recommend it.”

      Ken Scheer – Vice President of Pure Water Industries

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      Chlorine Genie


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