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      The Puripool™ Process

      “The Puripool™ Process” was invented in 2009 with the sole belief that draining a swimming pool must be a thing of the past. Water conservation, less chemical demand, and a swimming pool that is cleaner, safer and healthier for you and your family; ­all the benefits of maintaining your investment with Pure Water Industries. The current drought conditions and emphasis on water conservation have served to solidify the need for systems that conserve large quantities of water, and “The Puripool™ Process” has been leading the way since 2009.

      Why hassle with pumping the water from your pool, paying for the refill and then trying to figure out the complicated chemicals needed to re­-balance your pool water, when Pure Water Industries can take care of it for you? In less than a day, Pure Water Industries can filter your water and lower Calcium Hardness (CH), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Cyanuric Acid (CYA), phosphates, salt, bacteria, viruses, etc. and provide you with a clean, fresh pool!

      Make the call today to give your swimming pool the proper care it deserves and start enjoying the benefits of ‘The Puripool™ Process” now. You’ll be glad you did!

      ‘The Puripool™ Process’

      ‘The Puripool™ Process” allows us to provide the solution to remove Calcium Hardness and Total Dissolved Solids from all swimming pools, residential or commercial. As pool water evaporates and time passes, your relaxing, inviting swimming pool becomes more work to maintain and the water becomes less sanitary.

      In less than a day, our mobile filtration trailer will lower or remove the Total Dissolved Solids, Calcium, excess Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid), Phosphates, Nitrates, Viruses, etc. We will give you back a clean, healthy pool; all while conserving nearly 85% of your existing water. Your pool will be as pure as if you had filled it with bottled drinking water!

      Your family cannot get a better, safer or cleaner pool any other way!

      Water – A Limited Resource

      Pure Water Industries is proud to partner with you to conserve this increasingly limited resource. You will feel good knowing that you no longer have to watch your existing pool water go down the drain or worry while you drain the water and expose the finish of your pool.

      Our self-contained units require nothing more from you than a garden hose to replace the small amount of water lost in the process. We will bring our own power and supplies, and in return we will leave you with water far superior to a drain and refill; water that earlier in the day was old, tired and unsanitary.

      Congratulations; you just conserved 85% of that water, and provided your family with a clean, safe pool!


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