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      Lowering Calcium Hardness and TDS in Your Pool Water

      If you own a residential or commercial swimming pool and live in an area with high levels of calcium, magnesium, or other hardness minerals in your tap water then we think this blog post is going to be extremely informative for you. In the Southern United States especially California, we deal with high levels of Calcium Hardness coming out of our tap water. People will refer to their water as being “hard” because these minerals build up in the pool water and begin to cause problems. These levels will vary depending on where you live and depending on who you talk to but it doesn’t take long for these numbers to increase especially in the summertime. Every single day that your water evaporates and new tap water is added these numbers will increase in parts per million (ppm). This is common in our area and that is why we offer services for both residential and commercial swimming pool owners to combat it.

      As water evaporates in your swimming pool (up to an inch a day during the summer) the hard minerals remain in the solution and gradually increase in concentration. As these levels increase, the calcium and other hardness minerals will scale on the water tile line, the interior finish, the water features, and the filtration equipment of the swimming pool. If you own a salt chlorinator, it will scale the electrode plates as well.  As for the pool, it is not only hard to look at but it will cause major damage to your swimming pool if you don’t take care of it and it can be very expensive to remove. Typically, at this point most pool professionals will recommend a drain and refill, and here are some of the pros and cons:

      Pros –

      • Relatively inexpensive especially if you don’t hire a professional
      • The water will be better than what is currently in your pool but in some areas even when you drain it the levels will still be what is considered higher than are recommended levels.

      Cons –

      • The water is still hard coming out of the tap
      • The interior finish is exposed which can be dangerous
      • 2-3 day process

      Whereas, if you consider recycling your swimming pool water with The Puripool Process we guarantee a much better end product. We can take calcium levels below 200 ppm. At Pure Water Industries, we offer a mobile filtration system that comes to your residential or commercial property and recycles the water onsite. The mobile filtration trailer is equipped with Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration that returns exceptional quality water to the swimming pool. The process is completely self-contained which means we run on our own power and we guarantee you better water than tap. The following are some of the benefits of The Puripool Process

      • Water conservation – we conserve up to 85% of the existing water
      • No downtime – you can swim in the pool while the process is being performed
      • Drinking quality water in your swimming pool
      • The interior finish is never exposed
      • Soft water
      • Removal of waterborne diseases

      Ultimately, this is a service that we provide in the San Diego area and we have Service Providers all over the country. Our water is extremely hard and you will deal with this problem every couple of years. We would like to have the opportunity to help you out by providing you with a better product than a drain and refill and help you to conserve water along the way. If you’re interested in learning more about how this service can help you, contact us today!