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      'The Puripool™ Process' FAQ

      What is so special about The Puripool™ Process?

      In 2009, we designed a mobile filtration trailer that utilizes reverse osmosis to lower calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, salts, phosphates, cyanuric acid and other contaminates from the swimming pool. The trailers are completely self-contained and run on their own power. Two hoses come from the trailer and one is attached to a pump that takes water from the swimming pool into the trailer. The water is pre-treated before it contacts the reverse osmosis membranes and then pure water is returned to the swimming pool. Depending on the initial total dissolved solids reading, we can predict how long the process will take to lower the total dissolved solids (TDS) and calcium levels to below what can be obtained from the tap. There is no downtime during the process and the surface of the swimming pool is never exposed.

      Why would pool owners need to use your business, and why especially during times of drought?

      Ultimately, we provide a much better end product than tap water. We guarantee our customers that the water in their swimming pool, after the process is done, will be lower in calcium than if they had drained and refilled the pool instead. Since our process conserves up to 85% of the existing water in a swimming pool, it’s an effective alternative during times of drought. Other benefits include zero downtime for the swimming pool and, since the pool surface is never exposed, it can prevent the possibility of the cracking of plaster, floating of vinyl liners or pools popping out of the ground once the water weight has been removed.

      What makes The Puripool™ Process different than other water conservation methods available right now?

      Reverse Osmosis was first observed in the mid 1700’s and has been used successfully since the 1970’s to treat water. When it comes to swimming pools, pool covers can help with evaporation, but if you live in areas where the water is hard, you will need to change out your water every couple of years. Our technology can conserve up to 85% of the water in the swimming pool, which makes it an effective solution to a typical drain and refill.  Draining pools waste an average of 20,000 gallons of water and use another 20,000 gallons of water to refill-there is a better way!

      Does Reverse Osmosis Filtration Lower CYA?

      Yes, it does! In fact, it does it exceptionally well.  Our Puripool Process can remove excess CYA (Cyanuric Acid) while the rest of the pool is processing and lowering calcium, salt, bacteria, viruses, phosphates, etc.  Many of our Service Providers (as well as ourselves) get called out to primarily lower CYA in areas where the concern over calcium removal is not the driving force.  We know of nothing that is capable of removing excess CYA as quickly or efficiently as a Reverse Osmosis pool filtration.

      What is the maintenance like on your mobile RO Trailers?

      The standard recommended maintenance from the generator supplier is an oil filter change every other month and a fuel filter change every other oil filter change. In regards to the membranes, this is one of the most popular questions we get asked, and the time frame varies. This is an industrial-built RO system that is meant to filter a lot of water, thus providing extended membrane life. For example, we filtered nine million (9,000,000) gallons of water with our first set of membranes before we had them professionally cleaned (which is an option).  Purchasing new membranes can be expensive; oftentimes there is the opportunity to buy used membranes at a discounted rate, and we may be able to provide you with someone in your area.

      You might be asking, “Why would I want used membranes?” Some industries (semiconductors, for example) require greater filtration levels than we require for swimming pools, which allows you to use a cleaned membrane at a discounted cost. Another scenario with membranes is cleaning them once a year. When this happens they send you the membranes in a bag with a preservative to protect the membranes. This preservative is typically active for up to a year, and the membranes must be used prior to that time; this will allow you to buy a backup set and regularly switch them out once a year, should you choose.

      How is the process done?

      The water in your pool contains more than just some chlorine and a leaf or two! We mentioned Calcium and Magnesium earlier, but there is much more in your pool that we need to pull out to really make it clean! Algae, body oils, suntan lotion, salt, etc. are just a few and to get all of that out of the water we have to run your water through a complex series of pipes, tubes, vessels and chambers. We have to neutralize the chlorine, introduce an anti-scalant, and run the water through an ultraviolet light to make sure it is as pure as it can be! We dare anything nasty to remain in that water as it goes back to your pool!

      How long will it take you to make my water clean and soft?

      Currently we are able to treat 40,000 gallons a day, to drinking water levels! Obviously the size of your pool is the deciding factor on how long it will take based on this level. However, most pools will take between 8 and 10 hours to complete.

      Is it safe to have this process done?

      Absolutely! In fact, you can actually use the pool during the process if you just can’t stay out of it! There are no power cords or electricity in or near your pool, nor are they laying around for someone to trip on. An inch and a half hose with a Virginia Graeme Baker Act (VGBA) compliant fitting is placed in one end of the pool to draw the water back to the trailer for treatment and another inch and a half hose returns the clean (drinkable!) water back to your pool. That’s it! We are 100% self-contained and do not need to inconvenience you for electricity or extension cords or an outlet. All we need from you is a fresh water supply to replenish the small amount of water, approximately 15%, that is lost during the process.

      What else can I expect after you are done?

      You mean aside from the good feeling that you have just conserved a valuable and limited resource?! Well, in addition to the fact that your waterline tile will no longer get that nasty buildup on it, and that you will use a fraction of the chemicals you did before the process to maintain your pool, you will get the experience of swimming in a soft water pool. Chances are you have never experienced that before and will never want to experience anything less from now on! Congratulations; it looks like you did something good for the planet and got pampered as well… all at the same time!

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