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      Pool looks and feels great! Total difference. Weston had an awesome first time in the pool. Thanks again!

      – Vernon E. – Satisfied PWI Customer

      Pure Water Industries has been nothing but professional, kind and have an eye for detail and quality. After the sale, I got more of the same. These guys are quality through and through. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

      – Jim Calkins – Weber Pools

      “Bruce Wettstein spent well over an hour and a half with my husband and me, testing and re-educating us on proper pool maintenance, something we had let lapse over the years of ‘self-maintenance’. It actually turned out that at this point, Bruce said we didn’t need the services that Pure Water Industries offered. We only needed to get things in better balance and that would solve the problems we were experiencing.

      This is rare that a company wouldn’t find some way to convince us that we needed ‘the treatment’. We didn’t get ‘the treatment’ from this company. We would highly recommend having your water tested and trust that the results will be honest and straightforward. When we had to use the services of this company, we felt that the charge was very reasonable for our size pool.

      Thank you, Bruce!

      – Cindy M. – Satisfied Puripool Customer

      “My pool has never looked or felt better. Thank you so much. After having your service on Tuesday of this week, my wife and I have enjoyed a very fresh, clean and clear pool. We are so pleased that we don’t have that dry, itching feeling after swimming. We are starting our pool season fresh this year and we feel good knowing that we conserved water by not having to empty and refill our pool to get clean, fresh water. Pure Water Industries is great! Thank you.”

      – Adam, A Satisfied Customer San Marcos, CA

      “I have been struggling for years to balance my swimming pool water. After contacting Pure Water Industries, they made maintaining my pool a breeze and I use fewer  chemicals!”  Thanks, PWI!”

      – Anthony, Carlsbad, CA

      “Ok, so the verdict is in: Reverse Osmosis works brilliantly! Got the guys from Pure Water Industries in and they rigged up their truck which contained the filter and Reverse Osmosis membranes. They even have their own generator so they’re not using your electricity!”

      “These numbers are in agreement with Bruce’s numbers after he finished the RO job, so that’s TWO independent testing. Will get some stabilizer tomorrow to bring it up to 30 and will probably throw in some baking soda after it’s been at pH 7.2 for a few days to bring the TA up. Couldn’t be happier with the result and would highly recommend their services. And considering we’re in San Diego with a drought and water restrictions, we also have that warm fuzzy feeling because we didn’t waste 10,000 gallons of water.


      – Fiona San Diego, CA

      “We were about to dump over $250 worth of chemicals recommended by our local pool supply chain… with no guarantees that we’d get the algae under control or the pool in balance… when we discovered PWI. My first call to Bruce convinced me I was on to something good. Then, when Bruce showed up for the initial evaluation, there was absolutely no doubt that we made the right decision! My choice was simple, either drain and refill our 15,000 gallon pool (a 4-5 day process at best) with the District’s finest HARD water (which would have been the 3rd time in 8 years…Thank you Rincon!), or filter our existing water in 8 hours and end up with a “bottled water” quality pool with NO chemicals! (You see where I’m going with this, right?) Not only did we end up with crystal clear water, the PWI guys showed me how to keep my pool numbers in check WITHOUT harsh chemicals.

      Thank you, guys! You have a pool customer for life! We’ve already spread the word to all our friends that have a pool!”

      – John and Beth Kennedy – Escondido, CA

      “It has been a few months since I posted these questions and I wanted to give you an update. But first of all, thank you to everyone here at TFP. You are all so helpful and generous. It is such a relief to understand what is going on with the pool (at least most of the time) and not to have to rely on the pool store. Our CH was so high that our choices were either to completely drain the pool or do reverse osmosis.

      Although many folks here at TFP talk about R/O, we could not find anyone in Orange County, CA who actually provides this service. Lucky for me, through this forum, I was able to connect with Bruce of Pure Water Industries. Bruce came all the way up from San Diego County a few weeks ago to do the reverse osmosis on my pool. We are so pleased with the results! Bruce’s ‘Puripool Process’ could not be easier or more convenient for a homeowner. My family was able to carry on with its normal routine; in fact, if the kids wanted to, they could have swum in the pool the whole time. There was no pool downtime. The equipment was quiet and unobtrusive. And the entire process created zero mess.

      The only thing I had to do after Bruce left was put salt and CYA into the pool. I did put in some liquid bleach so we’d have chlorine until the SWG was back up and running.

      We found the benefits of ‘The Puripool Process’ to be: effectiveness, ease, convenience, water conservation, no pool downtime, no plaster concerns. But this story would not be complete if I did not also mention that Bruce is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. It was truly a pleasure to work with them.

      Thanks, everyone at TFP! We are enjoying our pool and spa this summer.”

      – Karen Nagy – Dove Canyon, CA

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