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      When it comes to owning a swimming pool in the San Diego area or many areas i the country it isn’t uncommon to see Calcium Hardness numbers high. With that said, it is also easy to see high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Cyanuric Acid (CYA) levels too. Typically, high levels of CYA come from the use of chlorine tablets but rest assured when any of these happen, Pure Water Industries can help. As a residential and commercial swimming pool owner, it is vital to keep track of your calcium and TDS levels because when they climb above 600 parts per million (ppm) Calcium Hardness and 3000ppm TDS scaling to your water tile line, filtration equipment, and interior finish can occur.

      As a pool owner, many people will tell you at this point it is important to drain and refill your swimming pool. At Pure Water Industries, we would prefer that you recycle the water using The Puripool Process because not only do we give you better water than tap but we also give you drinking quality water to swim in. The Puripool Process has the following benefits:

      • Lowers Calcium Hardness
      • Lowers TDS
      • Lowers CYA
      • Lowers Phosphates
      • Lowers Salts
      • Removes Waterborne Diseases

      We utilize Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration to not only give you better water than tap but we also conserve up to 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool. We have been utilizing this process for residential and commercial swimming pool owners for almost 10 years. During this time we have been able to conserve more than 40 million gallons of water and give everyone and their swimming pools the best water to keep them looking great. Just last week we recycled a 20,000-gallon swimming pool because they were complaining of high calcium and TDS.

      Initial Chemistry:

      Calcium Hardness – 1000ppm

      TDS – 6848ppm

      CYA – 200+

      After filtering this swimming pool for 14 hours we were able to lower their water chemistry to the following:

      Calcium Hardness – 170ppm

      TDS – 1000ppm

      CYA – 30ppm

      After completion of this job, this homeowner now has water quality that is far better than their tap and will have water that will be much more fun to swim in. To learn more about our service and to schedule an appointment, contact us today!