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      Since 2009, Pure Water Industries (PWI) has been the innovator and leader in mobile filtration Reverse Osmosis trailers. The industry is constantly changing but the end product is still the same. Typically when it comes time for one to purchase one of our mobile filtration trailers, numerous questions come up and we hope this page gives some insight into the most commonly asked questions.

      What is Included In Your Build?

      PWI constructs custom mobile RO trailers that are housed in a 16′ long trailer. The trailers are rhino lined and insulated so they can run 24/7 without noise complaints; they are no louder than the average A/C unit and provide perfect “white” noise while running. Each trailer is equipped with a 60-gallon fuel cell mounted between the rear frame rails, allowing you to easily fill up the generator from outside the trailer. The trailers come with a man door on the side and barn doors on the back, for easy access to the system. The trailers are roughly 8,000 pounds and you will need a 1/2 ton truck to pull them.

      Is This A Franchise?

      No; we developed a Service Provider model for the easiest access to this business. This means that we custom-build your RO system, train you on how to use it, put your business name on our website as one of our Service Providers, and then allow you to operate your business without interference. There are no territories and you can run your business as you see fit, with no royalty payments to us. All we ask is when you get busy (which you will) that you contact us to build you another one to start your fleet!

      What is Included in The Mobile Trailer?

      As previously mentioned, all trailers are 16′ long, and include the following major components:

      • RO Skid
        • RO Membranes
        • Bag Filter
        • UV Light
        • Pressure Pumps
      • Diesel Generator
      • 15-gallon injection tank to protect the membranes

      What Type of Maintenance Is Required?

      The standard recommended maintenance from the generator supplier is an oil filter change every other month and a fuel filter change every other oil filter change. In regards to the membranes, this is one of the most popular questions we get asked, and the time frame varies. This is an industrial-built RO system that is meant to filter a lot of water, thus providing extended membrane life. For example, we filtered nine million (9,000,000) gallons of water with our first set of membranes before we had them professionally cleaned (which is an option).  Purchasing new membranes can be expensive; oftentimes there is the opportunity to buy used membranes at a discounted rate, and we may be able to provide you with someone in your area.

      You might be asking, “Why would I want used membranes?” Some industries (semiconductors, for example) require greater filtration levels than we require for swimming pools, which allows you to use a cleaned membrane at a discounted cost. Another scenario with membranes is cleaning them once a year. When this happens they send you the membranes in a bag with a preservative to protect the membranes. This preservative is typically active for up to a year, and the membranes must be used prior to that time; this will allow you to buy a backup set and regularly switch them out once a year, should you choose.

      What Is RO Filtration Good For With Swimming Pools?

      Reverse Osmosis lowers the following in swimming pools:

      • Calcium Hardness
      • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
      • Cyanuric Acid (CYA)
      • Phosphates
      • Nitrates
      • Borates
      • Salt
      • Waterborne Diseases

      With RO filtration you can conserve up to 85% of the existing water in a swimming pool, typically providing much better water quality than a drain and refill. During times when drought conditions are in effect, utilizing this form of filtration is not only great for water conservation but gives all bathers the BEST water quality to swim in!

      What Additional Benefits Do PWI Mobile Trailers Come With?

      PWI includes an Automation Package; one of the biggest benefits of using our mobile trailers. With our downloadable, web-based mobile app you can see and perform the following:

      • Connects to your cell phone, tablet, or iPad to see the control panel on the RO system working in real-time
      • Provides the ability to increase pressures, change settings, or shut down the system remotely
      • Provide texts on your cell phone when the job is complete or a system change has occurred

      Is Financing Available?

      Yes, PWI works with a 3rd party equipment leasing company that provides financing for your trailer purchase. Please note that this is business-to-business financing, which means you must be in business for at least two years to meet their requirements. The rates are typically a bit higher than other ways of financing, and we suggest that if you have an existing relationship with a bank already you should try them as well. If you want to learn more about this financing you can CLICK HERE!

      Why You Should Buy From PWI?

      With a combined 30-plus years in the RO industry, and over 3 dozen trailers operating in 7 states, we put a great amount of pride into providing you with the “Rolls Royce” of pool filtration. Now more than ever, conserving water is critical, and draining swimming pools is a needless waste of water. Why not purchase a trailer from us today? If you’re curious to know more, contact us today!