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      Do you own a swimming pool company and are looking to expand? Do you live in an area where water conservation is in the news and want to offer a revolutionary service that can make a huge impact in drought stricken areas? For the last seven years we have been recycling swimming pool water in the San Diego area by offering a service that uses mobile filtration and reverse osmosis membranes to lower calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, cyanuric acid and so much more. Depending on where you live, you are going to need to deal with one of them and typically it is recommended to drain a pool and start over with fresh water. Although this is one way of combating the problem, it isn’t the smartest thing to do especially when water conservation is at an all time high. That is why we designed the “Puripool Process” and have made it available to all of you.

      The process of starting your own Puripool™ Mobile Filtration business is easier than you think! If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, along with the combination of our help, you can succeed easier and faster than you ever thought possible. Add this service to your existing pool company, service work, or run it has a stand­alone business; the choice is yours!

      Pure Water Industries currently has two trailers available for purchase, as well as equipment financing. The trailers are easy to set up, and work without supervision, so you can go do other things. They are configured to text your phone when they are done, so there is no guesswork about when to go back, and they shut down once the process is complete. The 14 ft. trailer houses a Reverse Osmosis unit that can filter up to 20,000 gallons of water per day and the 20 ft. unit can filter up to 40,000 gallons of water per day.

      Pure Water Industries presents an outstanding business opportunity in the $3 billion pool care industry. If you share our dedication to exceptional customer service, have a commitment to providing the best for your customers and understand the value of providing hands­-on ownership in the operation of your own business, give us a call to get started today!