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      According to Healthline, swimming is the fourth most popular sporting activity in the United States. Americans love water, and there is no exception if you live in a warm climate. Nothing is more inviting than a cool, crystal-clear swimming pool.

      In this post, we’ll tell you how to keep your pool water looking good and the many benefits of residential pool services. You should be doing the following activities regularly now that the water is warming up.

      Remove Debris Every Day

      This may seem like an obvious tip, but many people can’t be bothered to do this every day. If you have an open pool, small debris like leaves, twigs, and dust can easily find their way into the water. Removing these unwanted visitors is crucial before they can sink and turn the water cloudy. This is a daily chore, but it leaves your pool looking much nicer.

      Vacuum Out the Bottom

      Any piece of litter or stray leaf you don’t remove in time will end up at the bottom of your pool and dirty up the water. The same goes for stray hairs, loose limescale, or any other bits and pieces you may unwittingly bring into the pool. Unless you vacuum out the bottom of the pool regularly, these heavier particles will continue to gather and dirty up the water.

      Clean the Tiles

      We clean the kitchen and bathroom tiles, so why not the pool tiles? If they’re not cleaned at least once a week, they can discolor or become slippery due to muck buildup. So, not only will dirty tiles ruin the aesthetics, but they can also be dangerous. If you have a larger pool, this can be quite the undertaking. Luckily, you can hire professional pool cleaners to do this job for you.

      Shock the Water

      Unfortunately, this process isn’t as exciting as it sounds. It just means dosing your pool with enough chlorine and other sanitizing chemicals to kill off any bacteria and algae forming. This step can also soften your water and prevent calcium buildup. Maintaining the correct pH levels and alkalinity is tricky, so don’t hesitate to call in experienced pool cleaners who know their stuff.

      Do a Deep Clean

      If your pool gets used regularly, it’s a good idea to give it a deep clean using The Puripool Process! Recycle your pool water, and save some money as well. The result is crystal-clear water that is ready and safe for swimming. To find a Service Provider in your area, CLICK HERE!

      Contact Residential Pool Services in Your Area

      Whether you’re looking for a weekly clean or an eco-friendly way to clean out your entire pool, look up companies with great ratings in your area. If you should have any questions, contact us today!