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      A huge congratulations to Rick Grefe of PoolSmart who is one of our newest service providers. He recently picked up his mobile filtration trailer, has joined the Pure Water Industries Service Provider Family and is now recycling swimming pool water in the area of Temecula, California! Grefe came out for training several weeks ago and he has successfully added mobile filtration to his existing pool business! Rick was so excited four months ago when he contacted us to let us know that he wanted to move forward in purchasing his mobile filtration trailer. It’s no secret that the drought in California is an extremely serious issue and everyone is looking for ways to conserve water. This is exactly why he chose to add the Puripool Process to his existing business. He’s in a great location with a lot of swimming pools, which should make him extremely successful!

      If you own a swimming pool in Southern California it’s no secret that you are going to need to deal with hard water issues. Typically, the biggest issues are calcium hardness and total dissolved solids. Not to mention, high cyanuric acid levels too! As these levels increase, it can be extremely challenging to take care of your swimming pool. The hardness minerals will remain in solution, they will stay the tile line, your pool liner, and deposit on motors and filtration equipment. When this happens most pool professionals and pool stores will tell you that it’s time to change out the water in your swimming pool. This is correct but how you do it needs to be centered around water conservation. A typical drain and refill take 2-3 days, it wastes on average 16,000 – 20,000 gallons of water and fills your pool up with moderately hard water again. Whereas mobile filtration using the Puripool Process takes less than a day, you can swim in the pool while the process is done, you conserve 85% of the water and you get Reverse Osmosis quality water put back in your swimming pool!

      With the drought, it’s truly the only way to go! Your swimming pool water should be changed every two years to increase the lifespan of your investment. So, please keep in mind that we have service providers all over California, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona. If you’re in the Temecula area, check out PoolSmart to learn about Rick’s entire business!

      Best of luck to you Rick! We know you will be extremely successful!!



      PoolSmart is proud to partner with you to conserve our limited water supply. No need to waste thousands of gallons of water while exposing your pool’s plaster to blistering, cracking or popping. Our self-contained trailer only requires a hose hook up to replace the small amount of discharged “brine” water. We supply our own power so there are no power cords or electricity outside the trailer. We will also leave you with water that is safer and higher quality than a drain and refill with tap water.

      In addition, we also offer weekly service, maintenance, and repair work too! Call us today to learn more! 951-440-5715!