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      Calcium Scaling on Water Features

      If you own a swimming pool with water features and live in an area with high Calcium Hardness coming out of the tap calcium scaling is going to be a major problem. Any time you deal with splashing, evaporation and the sun, calcium will scale water features and it is challenging to deal with. Many people have visions of building gorgeous swimming pools with slides, decorative water features and more but if you live in the Southwest United States this might not be the best idea. Our water comes out of the tap extremely hard. It will scale your tile, interior finish, filtration equipment and your decorative water features. It will actually scale your water features faster. So, what can you do? Well, when scaling occurs you have two options:

      1. Remove the scale by calling a professional
      2. Change out the water in your swimming pool

      Removing the scaling is costly and should be done by a professional but you must also change out the water in your swimming pool or it will come back quickly. Keep in mind, at Pure Water Industries we recommend recycling your swimming pool water using The Puripool Process because we have the ability to use Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration on your swimming pool and bring your calcium levels much lower than tap water. Just this past week, we recycled a 24,000-gallon swimming pool that had a slide and a massive spillway that was dealing with high levels of calcium.

      Initial Chemistry

      Calcium Hardness – 1000 parts per million (ppm)

      Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – 6948ppm

      Cyanuric Acid (CYA) – 50ppm

      After filtering this swimming pool for 18 hours we were able to lower the above levels to the following:

      Ending Chemistry

      Calcium Hardness – 150ppm

      Total Dissolved Solids – 1064ppm

      Cyanuric Acid – 0ppm

      Using RO filtration will give both commercial and residential swimming pool owners the best water quality to swim in. Bringing your calcium levels down to 150ppm is only possible with our service and will give you the best chance to prevent scaling from occurring but keep in mind if you have water features this is a service you should consider having done regularly (every 1-2 years) In the end, we can’t guarantee future scaling from occurring but using our service will prevent it from coming back quicker when comparing it to a drain and refill.

      If you should have any questions about our service please contact us today. To see a short video on how this pool turned out, CLICK HERE!