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      Robot Pool Cleaners For Your Swimming Pool

      Pool cleaners have been around since the late 1930s and have come a long way since. Roy B. Everson developed the first suction-side pool cleaner in 1937. Since then, the pool industry has developed completely automated pool cleaners, commonly referred to as “creepy-crawlies”.

      If you’re scouring the market for a robot pool cleaner then you know you’re about to spend quite a few dollars. Therefore, you need to be complete across all information related to your purchase.

      Pools come in all shapes and sizes and you will need a robot that will fit these requirements. Follow this guide and make sure you’re getting the most for your money by choosing the right robotic cleaner for your pool.

      What is Your Pool Type?

      There are two obvious pool types: in-ground and above-ground pools.

      The former is a lot more one-dimensional in terms of shape and size. Therefore, there’s not a lot of room for much fuss when it comes to making a decision.

      On the other hand, in-ground pools are more complicated and inherently give you some thinking to do. They come in just about any shape or size you can think of and can also be made from several types of materials. You will, therefore, need to think about which type of robot pool cleaner will best suit the size, shape, and interior finish of your pool.

      Maytronics produces dolphin robot pool cleaners, one of the leading brands in automated creepy-crawlies. There are plenty of options out there, however. Pool cleaners can be developed for residential backyard swimming pools or for large capacity commercial swimming pools located at aquatic centers.

      Purpose of your pool

      Determining how your pool will be used is fundamental to know what kind of cleaner you need. Is your pool a backyard pool or a commercial pool at an aquatic center or theme park?

      If you have a backyard swimming pool for your home or condominium, then a residential robotic pool cleaner such as the Dolphin S200 is a great option.

      On the other hand, things start to get a little trickier when you own a commercial pool. It all depends on the kind of commercial swimming pool you have i.e. 50m lap pool located in an aquatic center. If that’s the case, then you will need to find a commercial pool cleaner that is able to reach the far edges of your pool.

      Type of Debris

      The volume and size of debris falling into your swimming pool is another determining factor when it comes to selecting the right robot pool cleaner.

      If trees are surrounding your pool and lots of debris are falling in, then you’ll need a robot capable of cleaning both the pool floor and surface. You’ll also want to select a pool cleaner that has an extra-large filter bag if there is indeed an excess of debris.

      Pool elements & dimensions

      If your pool has steps or other unusual inclines/slopes then it’s important to find a robot that’s able to navigate these. After all, not every pool cleaner can. In fact, most standard robot pool cleaners can’t climb steps.

      Type of pool floor

      Finally, your pool floor will also contribute to choosing the right pool cleaner. Different types of robots accommodate for flat, irregular and rocky pool floors. Additionally, your swimming pool floor can be made from fiberglass, tiles or even vinyl, to which your robot needs to accommodate.

      Choosing the right cleaner

      Buying a robot pool cleaner is not a cheap or easy task. Be completely informed about the robot’s capabilities before making a purchase. Always speak to a pool shop prior to getting their expert opinion. Robot pool cleaners aren’t cheap. Make sure you make the right decision the first time.

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